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526 Natchez Avenue

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Photo Gallery: 526
Natchez Avenue

Last month I completed my move from Jackson to Brookhaven, where I spent most
of my formative years. You will undoubtedly read many ruminations on returning
to my ‘hometown’ (though born in Jackson, 14 years in Brookhaven makes it most
definitely ‘home’), but lets start with the house I’m moving into on 526 Natchez
Avenue. My parents bought this house last year for reasons I’m not entirely
sure of, save that it’s adjacent to their house and increases the property value
one way or another. We haven’t decided what will become of the house in the
long run, but for now they’ve been nice enough to let me live there. It’s not
the nicest house, but it’s got it’s own quirky character to it. From what I’ve
gathered, it was at one time a store, which makes sense because the newer additions
are all domestically necessary (kitchen, bathroom). Either way, it’s my own
little haven away from the rest of the world, which I’ve been taking advantage
of a lot since I’m only working part time at the bookstore right now. Mom and
Dad quickly tired of the America’s
explosions and weird synthesizer noises emanating from their study
(where my computer was), so the house will have an internet connection come
Tuesday. It will have no TV, though, so hopefully I can get some work done over
there (there’s a sketch of a novel in the works and I have tons of photos to
go through and archive, not too mention some web sites to build and maintain
to fund this adventure).

I’ve finally gotten most of my stuff into 526 Natchez, but as the pictures
can attest to I haven’t gotten very far in getting it arranged to a comfortable
liking. One question I can’t seem to answer is what to do with the big
. It’s too big to be a sitting room and the ceilings a little too short
to make it a badminton court. Anybody got any suggestions?
For now Beck (my parent’s dog) and I just play soccer in it. My next big project
is to hang a picture gallery in the den/living room and to get the study arranged,
though I still haven’t figured out how to get enough desk space for my desktop
computer, keyboard, laptop computer, and my typewriter.

The rest of the house is fairly normal. There’s cheesy wood paneling on all
the walls, but I don’t mind it because a) it isn’t old ratty wallpaper and b)
when the sun’s beating down and the curtains are all pulled everything is dark
and murky, which is just how I like it in the middle of a hot summer day. Probably
the most work is required in the bathroom, which has a nice old claw-foot tub
in it, but no shower, which I need because rarely do I have the 30 minutes it
takes to draw and take a bath.

As soon as the house begins looking a bit cooler and I’ve got the eating/working
table in the den pictures of the first poker night will be posted (now taking
reservations for 3 seats if you live in the Lincoln
County area).

PS – I’m listening to Pedro the Lion’s Control
as I’m typing this. Hell of an album:, HUGE, deep guitar sounds, good lyrics
and a somber mood that somehow stays light enough for carefree listening.


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