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A Brookhaven Weekend

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Happy Monday everybody! (I can say it because I’m not at work today) Was a
nice weekend spent down in Brookhaven. A bunch of friends were in town for Parker’s
sister’s wedding. After the rehearsal dinner on Friday we all met up at 526
Natchez and drank tequila and played poker. Parker won top quote of the night
honors with the gem: ‘I hooked up with a deaf chick once. She never knew when
she was getting too loud.’ Having been in London for the last month and a half
it was good to have Park-Dog back in full effect.

Saturday morning came too early and with a bit of a headache. Graham and I
met up with the previous night’s posse to eat the pizza buffet at CiCi’s pizza
on the Boulevard. While there we ran into Gunnell with his two kids and his
wife. Always good to have a Gunnell sighting, especially when he can be viewed
in the most unlikely role of domestic dad.

After lunch Graham and I helped the Parkers get ready for the reception by hauling
ice and a mountain of soft drinks out to the country club. Doing so legitimized
crashing the reception, as I had not planned to go to the wedding. We lost Parker
along the way because Olivia made him get his hair ‘texturized’ after we’d dropped
the veil off at the hair salon. I am glad I have no sisters 🙂

After taking care of the refreshments we went out to the Parker’s and took
a dip in the pool. The drive out was very pleasant with the few clouds in the
sky huge and still, and all the mules, horses, cows and dogs in the rolling
fields enjoying a not too hot summer day. This summer is the mildest one I can
ever remember in Mississippi.

After getting Graham back to the house I took a nap until reception time. For
the first time since my last funeral I wore a suit. All sorts of old acquaintances
were at the reception, which caused me to go against the basic tenets of ‘Operation
Anonymity’ that I’ve instituted since returning to Brookhaven, but as I’ll probably
attend only one more city-wide social engagement before the new year I’m
probably safe within the bounds.

The reception was dry so Graham and I had been placed in charge of getting
booze by Parker. We relieved Mom and Dad’s liquor cabinet of a fifth of Weller
Bourbon, which by the way is one of the cheaper and nicer casual drinking bourbons
you can buy at $11 a bottle. The reception was spent pleasantly shuttling bourbon
and ginger ales in from the parking lot and I was able to garner a few more
converts to mixing with ginger ale instead of coke, which I find way too
sweet. The libations allowed Graham and I to listen gleefully rather than disgustingly
to what has to be the whitest rendition of Clarence Carter’s ‘Strokin’ that
we’d ever heard.

After the reception it was back to 526 Natchez for some beers and card playing.
I had won $6 the night before but I found myself on the losing end this night,
particularly after a nasty round of ‘3 Card Drop ‘Em’ that had me matching a
$6 pot. No, it’s not high stakes poker, but when you match a pot bigger than
what you first bought into the game for, it’s big enough.

We didn’t turn it in until after 3 am, so Sunday was once again spent awaking
a little skewed, though much later. Graham and I had a roast for lunch with
Mom and Dad. Graham headed back to Jackson and I ran up to Hazlehurst to help
Thomas and Jimmy with their computer. Mitzi, of Barnette’s, was visiting for
the weekend and we spent a lazy afternoon discussing Banner Hall workplace politics
(okay, gossip). I returned to Brookhaven on Highway 51 and had a pleasant drive
back, reminiscent of the old traditional Sunday afternoon drives that Miss Welty
used to reference regularly in her writings. Aiyana is coming to visit this
next week and I am definitely going to take her on both that drive and the drive
to the Parker’s for a photo safari while she is here.

Well, that’s the weekend from Lincoln County.
Au revoir.


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