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Uncategorized — d-ashes on July 3, 2003 at 1:50 pm

Just stopping by to check in. I returned from my vacation in Annapolis on Tuesday afternoon. See pictures from the vacation in these galleries (Gallery 1, Gallery 2). Look for a post of the fun Aiyana, Valley, myself, and the rest of the crew had soon. It was nice to return to the store and to Brookhaven. I spent yesterday evening watching the Braves pull out an extra inning win against the Marlins to avoid the sweep. Raphael Furcal got around on a good pitch to homer to the opposite field. I also put in my votes for the All-Star game. I picked all Oakland A’s for Steve and all Braves for myself. The 4th weekend is rapidly approaching. Looks like Graham and I are going to barbeque with Mom and Dad on Friday and have people out to the farm that night and go tubing on Saturday morning.

On a technology note. All my SmartMedia cards for my digital camera have been going bad. Not physically, but in the file system. A note to others experiencing this problem (if Google catalogs this): The USB 2.0 version of the Dazzle Zio Card Reader (widely recommended for fixing SmartMedia card formatting problems) does not include nor support the smprep.exe utility. This is the program that actually fixes the issue. I only found this out after spending $30 on one, and upon not finding it, being told by the manufacturer it is no longer included. If anyone wants a new card reader cheap let me know, as now I’ve got two and only need one.

On another random note, I learned an interesting astronomical term today. Aphelion: Point in its orbit where a planet (or other body) is farthest from the Sun. For a moment I thought that they had said ‘Ophelia’ and I had all these cool relationships between the definition and Shakespeare’s character named Ophelia in Hamlet. Turns out I was off by a few letters. Anyways, an interesting term nonetheless.

Last night Randy Wayne White came and spoke at the store, promoting his new book Everglades. The main character is modeled after Bill ‘The Spaceman’ Lee, definitely one of the most interesting characters in baseball (he’s pretty much the Hunter S. Thompson of the game, and has run for President with the Good Doctor a number of times). Hearing some of Randy’s tales of hanging with The Spaceman, I thought it might be nice to link to a page of quotes attributed to him from the Baseball Almanac.

Okay, that’s enough rambling for today. Happy 4th of July and Happy 227th Birthday America!


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