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Ashes and Water Contest Time!

Uncategorized — d-ashes on August 3, 2003 at 10:47 am

Contest #1: New Ole Miss Mascot Least Likely to be Chosen

Last week the University of Mississippi announced a contest to decide the new
in-game mascot of the Ole Miss Rebels. Having decided that ‘Colonel Reb’ no
longer embodies the progressive nature of the school, the onus has been placed
on Joe or Jane Commoner to take Ole Miss in a bold new direction.

While I’m certain someone will take care of Ole Miss’ needs I would like to
launch a side-contest. So if you are interested please submit a drawing or write-up
of the ‘New Ole Miss Mascot Least Likely to be Chosen Winner’. I was thinking
of something like ‘Sharecropper Cletus’, ‘Pattie O’Possum’ or the like. Have
some fun with it and email your submissions to davec@ashesandwater.com.
The best submissions will be featured on www.ashesandwater.com

Contest #2: MSN Emoticons

With the release of MSN Messenger 6.0 Microsoft now has the option for users
to make their own emoticons (the little images that show up in place of the
text smiley faces. Here’s a link to the existing
offered by MS. For this contest I’d like everyone to design some
new emoticons and submit them. I will use them on MSN Messenger and will offer
a download for anyone else wishing to use them as well. Emoticon designs should
each be 22×23 pixel gifs or jpegs.

Feel free to pass these contests along to anyone else you think might have
some fun with them. There is no deadline for submissions for either of these,
but know that the sooner you submit your designs then the more likely no one
else will have and therefore you will win by default. 🙂

Good Luck!


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