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So many diversions, so little time

Uncategorized — d-ashes on August 5, 2003 at 9:11 am

Yesterday was a nice eventful Monday. Finally got a SmartMedia card to work
in my camera (nothing short of voodoo was required, I have no idea what finally
worked) so I got out and took some pictures of downtown Brookhaven (they are
the black and white ones in this gallery).

The draft for the Fantasy Football League I’m in with Graham and some of his
pals kicked off and I picked up Deuce McAllister as my first round pick. I’m
working on the 2nd round pick right now, which is a much harder pick as there
are 19 picks between this one and my third round pick and I’m having a hard
time deciding whether I’m going for a quarterback, another running back, or
a receiver. Decisions, decisions.

Graham came into town so he could vote in today’s primary. We had Brad and
Emily over to play poker (Jeff only watched, eliciting many questions of his
manhood). Emily, being the least experienced poker player and the only female
playing, took us all to the bank, doubling her money. I wasn’t doing so hot
until the last 2 rounds, when three card drop ’em saved the day and cut the
losses to a minimum.

We are three days away from the Blue
Moon II
event at Lemuria, which is always exciting. There will be 20+ authors
in attendance to read and sign books. It’s a great oppurtunity to hear and meet
some of the south’s best authors, as well as get a first glimpse at some up
and coming talent. Here’s the schedule
and some more info
. Please try to come if you get the chance. It will be
quite a good time and the word on the street is there will be free kegs (nod,


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