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Hello Everybody!

Uncategorized — d-ashes on September 15, 2003 at 2:27 pm

Just popping in after a nice relaxing weekend despite having
to work on Saturday. Jackson and Brookhaven are getting into those Indian Summer
days that, though still warm, are slightly breezy and where upon looking at
the shadows cast one can tell that the Earth and the Sun are at a different cant.

In other words, summer is almost done, and hopefully before too long we’ll
be getting some cool weather, which always has me salivating for a book, a fire,
and a glass of Chilean
red wine

I stayed at Bobby and Melissa’s last night, as we were writing the script for
the pilot of our on-line cartoon (more info on that to come) we are making.
I haven’t spent very many evenings in Jackson since Graham moved back to Winston-Salem
to go back to school, therefore losing my regular place to stay up here. It
was nice to be back in the city, even more exciting that it felt like being
in a city. I guess it takes spending a lot of time in little ol’ Brookhaven
to make Jackson feel like a burgeoning metropolis, but it was a nice feeling

There’s all sorts of fun stuff coming up to do in Jackson the next couple of
weeks. This Thursday night (9/18/03), James McBride will be playing and discussing
his books at Hal &
(read more about it here).
And the last week in September we are going to have a big event at the 930
Blues Cafe
involving some great authors and great blues bands, all filmed
for a special by ETV. Come out and enjoy the music and the fun!


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