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Daddy’s Got a Long, Long, Long Cadillac

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1 pm on Friday and I’m starting to feel 2 nights of going to bed at 3 and 4:30 am, the last 2 nights. But it has all been well worth it.

Last night I treated myself to Mark Roemer and Barry Leach playing at Hal and Mal’s. Mark was the front man for Jackson legends Superband Waistband. He and Barry played an acoustic, country-slanted show and it was much fun. They especially got mad props from me for an on the fly segue into Neil Young’s, ‘Everybody Knows this Is Nowhere’. Later I would tell Mark that had been the first song on my summer mix cd to celebrate moving to Brookhaven and he, Barry, and I had a long spirited discussion in the Hal and Mal’s bathroom about our mutual reverence for Mr. Young.

The JFP was having their 1 year birthday party at Hal and Mal’s as well. I got to rap with Mary, Bingo, Susan Margaret, and Scott, who’d showed up to share some black bean tamales and birthday cake with the JFPer’s. Christopher Hitchens, world renowned rapscallion/political writer/commentator had spoken at Millsaps and he’d accepted an invitation to come have an evening on the town. James Meredith (with trademark Ole Miss hat) was in attendance as well and they looked like they were having a fine time holding court in the back of the Hal & Mal’s dining room. I can imagine there was a decent amount of discussion concerning the Ole Miss mascot debacle, which has only gotten sillier day by day over the last week. I won’t even begin to try to explain it but this article should give a decent idea as to how fucked the whole thing has gotten.

And now for the fun part. During Mark’s 2nd set this man/woman couple in their mid 40’s were getting very much into the mood. Be it unabated mutual attraction, too much booze, or both, they commenced to a bit of heavy petting on the bench seats that run the length of the front wall of the dining room. Heavy petting led to some very inspired mutual tongue play. I decided at this point if they didn’t mind doing all this in front of all of Hal and Mal’s they didn’t mind me taking pictures of them doing so. So with great encouragement and approval from the crowd I snapped a couple of color flash photos. I guess I’d thought that the possibility of archived footage of their affections might deter them. But no, after my attention had returned to Mark and Barry, I hear another titter from the crowd on that side of the room and turn to see the lady straddling this guy and they were really getting it on. We have Mr. Hitchens and Mr. Meredith holding a brain trust in the back of the room and a salacious, albeit clothed, live sex show in the front. You gotta love this town. At this point Charlie stepped in and asked them to settle down, to which they obliged. I didn’t give them anymore thought for the rest of the 2nd set, thoroughly enjoying some acoustic Superband renditions, and at some point they left.

But wait! There is more. Oh, my friends, is there more. After Mark and Barry are done playing I’m taking my camera out to the car and exit Hal & Mal’s to find an audience of about 10 people in spirited observation of the aforementioned couple. They’d made it as far as their car, parked just off the steps up to the restaurant. Once there they’d apparently achieved all the privacy they required, as little as it was. I’ll try to keep this short and sweet: the windows were fogged, unshod feet connected to unclothed legs were in the air. The car: white 2 door Cadillac sedan. The license plates: LeFlore County (MS Delta for those not from MS). Chalk another one up to some crazy Delta folks from in/around Greenwood entertaining both myself and you, dear reader.

Some comments from the viewing gallery:

  • I see a thigh!
  • They’ve been at it for 15 minutes…
  • I went right up to the driver side door and they didn’t even notice me…
  • Give me half of what they had to drink…

At this point allow me to quote the song Mr. Thrill, as perfomed by Mildred Jones, that was featured on PBS’s Blues Series last week:

“My daddy’s got a long, long, long Cadillac
And when he rides me he throws me way in the back

When he put it in, put it in my garage
Rides so easy cause he keeps his battery charged

When he push down, WOW!, push down on the gas
Rides me so easy cause he don’t ride me too fast

Got a V8 motor just full of horsepower
And boy how he rides me in the midnight hour
With his long, long, long Cadillac
And when rides me throws me way in the back”

I was asked to photograph the occasion but I gracefully declined. I headed over to Martin’s where I spent most of the time having a nice chat with Lori and Canada. Bobby, Melissa, Jakob, and Leighanne were in the back getting jiggy to 80’s night (which is going to happen every other Thurs. now at Martin’s apparently) and I went and shook my booty with them for a minute. Mark came by and we had our Neil Young sing along. I also had the chance to rap with Robert, bartender and Martin’s music booking man and thank him more than once for getting Papa M to play the night before. Lori graciously offered me a couch to sleep on and we stayed up late watching ‘Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas’ before turning in way too late.

And let me take the opportunity to thank everyone who has been putting me up on my night’s spent in Jackson. If it weren’t for your hospitality I wouldn’t be relaying all these pictures and words about our adventures here in Jack-town. So without further ado:

The Putting Up Dave Roll Call
(in no particular order)
Kay & Aven
Canada & Duck
Susan & John
Kyra & Charles
Lori & Tina

Thanks again folks.


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