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Uncategorized — d-ashes on October 29, 2003 at 12:24 pm

alright, noise has been replaced with the much more interesting art gallery, featuring artists i run into and are nice enough to post some of their work…check out 2 local jackson photographers and a painter who were nice/brave enough to be the inaugural a&w exhibitors…

things are starting to get busy in the ole life o’ dave…with the new building we’re getting at lemuria comes a new t-shirt, bookmark, and web site design (a huge undertaking in itself)…couple all of that with the holiday retail season coming up just round the bend and things will certainly be hopping…

have split my time very comfortably between country and city so far this week…was home monday night and had mom’s salmon/corn chowder for dinner, the first time i’d had it and it was very tasty…stayed in town last night for the halloween edition of pub quiz which was a hoot…heather, canada, and I, none of us big horror movie buffs, did not fare well in the standings but canada won $50 for best costume with will ferrell’s rendition of harry caray…i stopped in to see russell at martin’s before he heads off for austin…that afforded me the opportunity to here some of the worst karaoke ever…i guess that’s the point, but anyone that would subject themselves to that for the purpose of entertainment is sick…

there are all sorts of halloween parties on friday night…i’m going as carl (bill murray) from caddy shack…still looking for that right hybrid of bent and california sensemilia :)…bronson’s party is the main target of the evening’s decadence with a stop off at lori and tina’s also…if i don’t blog in before the 31st everyone have a safe, fun, crazy halloween!


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