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great heights

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sunny monday and not at work…i’ve had the notion to get things ‘done’ today and have been working through the to do list with time out for a sandwich and a cup of tea with mom and dad…am trying to find a non glossy paper to print some photos on but my first attempt with 66 lb. card stock failed miserably…the paper’s too porous and the inks all get muddled…so i’m off to whore-mart in a bit to find other options…

fond memories of this weekend…halloween at bronson’s and tina/lori’s was grand..a lazy halloween that was not too crazy…friday night/saturday morning was so nice i just dropped my sleeping bag on tina and lori’s deck and slept soundly under the stars…i awoke to a perfectly still, sunny, cool belhaven morning and for 20 minutes after awaking did nothing but gaze into the leaves of an oak towering over me…

saturday was quite social in brookhaven…stopped by merrie’s with emily and jeff to check out the firing of her wood-fired kiln…they were in the throes of the stoking schedule which must be done around the clock in 10/15 minutes intervals to keep the temperature at the required 1900+ degrees…met some nice folks and merrie made sure to let us look into the kiln during one stoking to see all the pots stacked on shelves, white silhouttes of themselves in the heat…they will open up the kiln next weekend after a week’s worth of cool down to see what surprises await…as we were leaving they were stoking again and in the darkness i turned to see flames rising 8 ft out of the chimney, an awe inspiring site indeed…

we went over to jeff’s haus and played with a roland keyboard he’d come into possession of (a juno something or other circa 1982) then headed over to his parents to catch up with all his sister’s…we sat around the bonfire there for a while then popped in at jeremy and stephanie’s to see them and tate…got in on a poker game and doubled my money before i had to run back over to jeff’s…

sunday was fairly lazy…watched the saints eek out a win against the bucs and started cleaning up the house a bit…i have spent so little time that the place hasn’t looked very lived in lately…i got all papers and computer parts off the floor of the study, got the big room looking less like a camping gear warehouse, and dad and i weather-proofed some windows and installed a nifty new programmable thermostat to heat/cool more efficiently based on whether i’m at the house or not…i ended the day watching a great game between the packers and vikings, finished reading the new walter anderson biography, a book that meant a lot to me the moment i saw it and will only grow to mean more in the future…

i’ll sign off with the opening lines from ovid’s ‘story of apollo and hyacinthus’ that struck me as beautiful and tragic upon reading them this morning:

There was another boy, who might have had
A place in heaven, at Apollo’s order,
Had fate seen fit to give him time, and still
he is, in his own fashion, an immortal.


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