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good tidings and cheer

Uncategorized — d-ashes on December 16, 2003 at 10:52 am

howdy all…hope every one is keeping their head above the holiday waters…i’m doing my best to do the same…having a profound sense of detachment always helps…but then i look up and it’s 12/24 and i have to scramble to get gifts…i’ve done a little bit better on that accord this year, having already acquired a few presents, but it’s time to really get after it…

any of you that know me are aware of how i really detest shopping…i reconfirmed this last week with an attempt to go to the mall with the conviction to walk out with at least one gift…it didn’t happen…i’m one of those people that walks into a store knowing what i want and walks out as soon as i find it…i don’t know how to browse, for myself, or for anyone else…i just can’t look at a material object and connect the dots to the person on my list that might like it…i don’t think my bookstore salary budget will allow me to pay a personal shopper, but if anyone wants to offer their services pro bono i’ll find some way to reciprocate… 🙂

my grumblings about our great retail-overridden holiday and my inability to gel with it aside, it’s been a good week…two authors (one an old favorite and one a new favorite) have been into the store to sign…clyde edgerton, one of the south’s best contemporary authors, was in on wednesday…clyde taught me creative writing while i was at millsaps and we had a good time catching up…he’s also an accomplished guitar player and has written some companion songs to his new book that he played for us…i got great audio of the whole thing and will put it up on lemuriabooks.com sometime soon…on saturday, audrey niffennegger, author of the time traveler’s wife was in the store…this was one of my surprise favorite books of the year and audrey was very nice to talk to…the time traveler’s wife is her first book and between touring she’s already at work on her next which is set largely in london’s highgate cemetery, the final resting place of karl marx…

and that’s about all i’ve got time for now…the anti-retail pleadings about christmas have almost become cliche, but as with most cliches, that usually means that there’s more than a shred of truth in them…take the time to enjoy the intangible gifts that the holidays can bring, like time with friends and family with good food and drink (which includes one of my favorite holiday snacks: high life and vienna sausage)…appreciate the fact that you have friends and/or family to share such times with, and if you don’t don’t find someone else who doesn’t either and share some of the holiday with them…make a couple of gifts for some of the people on your list, there is nothing that can be given so truly from the heart than that which is made with the hands…sermon over…happy holidays to all of you!!!


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