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Happy 100,00th Mileday Ahman!!

Uncategorized — d-ashes on December 31, 2003 at 10:08 am

At 9:09 am on I-55 N in Hinds County my Cherokee turned 100,000 miles. We celebrated with a honk of the horn and the expressed wish to have another 100,000 miles together. From the snow and mountains of New Mexico & Colorado and the deserts of Arizona to the muddy trails of Central Mississippi, Ahman and I have shared many adventures together. Here’s to further fun to come.

I never have named my Cherokee until it turned 100,000 miles. I started with Greenie, because it’s green, but that’s a pretty dumb name. So in honor of the Green Bay Packers, my favorite team after the Saints, and their star running back Ahman Green, I think I’m gonna call him Ahman. That’s a pretty suave name for a car and I think Ahman, the player’s, running style aptly describes the driving characteristics of a 4×4 Cherokee.

Happy New Years to all of you. Please come to the farm if you’re sitting around on this New Year’s Eve afternoon and haven’t decided what to do yet. It’s sure to be a real gone gasser! Email me if you need directions.


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