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the turkey day leaveth

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well, i survived Thanksgiving without blowing out an intestine (uggghhh, never mind, i’ve seen too much deer skinning i guess)…Mom somehow managed to top herself with the most incredible cornbread dressing ever made…Graham, Marietta, Andy, Patti, Parker, Mr. Paterson, and Lucky were all in Brookhaven to share in some of the holiday cheer…a lot of food was eaten, a lot of wine and whiskey was swilled, and that was all by Thursday…

on Friday i headed over to Transylvania, Louisiana with Valley and her grandparents for a weekend at the Gordon’s deer camp on the MS river…i could write a book on the stories that resulted in that weekend but i’ll leave the pictures to tell most of the tales…i will tell the story of how Mr. Charles, Valley’s dad, found Dale’s deer, though…a story that, with little doubt, will become legend amongst those who witnessed the event….

Dale decided to hunt on Saturday after noon and headed for the stand around 2 pm. Through the course of our afternoon fun we heard a couple of shots coming from the side of the camp he was on so we thought he may at least have had a chance at a deer. A bit after dark Dale returned deer-less, but said he had taken a shot at a doe and from the way she jumped he’d thought he’d hit her. Mr. Charles was immediately on the case.

Valley, Lucky, Kevin, Brady and I thought we’d tag along since we’d been sitting around the camp all day eating and being worthless. So off we go: Dale, Charles, and Brady in Charles’ truck, Valley and Lucky on one 4-wheeler, Kevin and myself on the other. Let it be known it was COLD, though after dealing with the wind during a long 4-wheeler ride, standing still in it didn’t feel that bad.

Arriving at the stand Dale got into it and using his Q-Beam gave Mr. Charles the position of where he thought the deer was when he’d shot it. Mr. Charles informed all of us to not walk up so far as to disturb the ‘crime scene’ and goes to work. Working with just his mag lite (it’s pitch black and the stars are beautiful) he starts his investigation. “I’m like those CSI guys on TV,” he says, and the evening would prove him right. If I were going out to look for a deer trail, I would go out and wander the area until I found something. When Mr. Charles goes looking for a deer trail, he has a PLAN. Surrounding dirt and vegetation are analyzed. Routes to and from the scene of the shot are contemplated. After standing in the cold, windy woods for about 30 minutes while Mr. Charles and Dale scoured the brush, everyone except Kevin (and you get mad props for being a trooper, Kevin) headed back to the truck to warm up and sit down.

Another 15 minutes go by. Nothing. Had I been in charge of this search I’d been on the couch with a toddy a long time ago. Mr. Charles had seen no blood, no hair, no indication of which way the deer had gone or if it was even hit.

Another 15 minutes and Mr. Charles gives a shout. Thirty yards from where the deer had originally been shot, in the middle of the night, Mr. Charles finds his first tiny, itty bitty, spots of blood. From there on it was no contest. Using all of us spectators as human markers Mr. Charles mapped the blood trail. Twenty minutes after finding the first blood, Mr. Charles has found the deer, a total of about 80 yards from where it had been shot. I have heard of plenty of deer making it further, but I’ve rarely heard of someone finding the first sign 30 yards from an original shooting spot in the middle of the night using only a flashlight and his/her eyes.

We were all incredibly impressed. Had it been up to any of us but Mr. Charles then the deer would have gone to waste for sure. We got the four wheeler in, got the deer, and headed for the skinning rack where we knocked off the chill with some bourbon whiskey and watched Mr. Charles and Dale skin the deer.

so that’s the story of Charles Gordon, deerstalker extraordinare…if i ever decide to kill a deer i will make sure that mr. charles is there to find it…

while i’m on a roll, let me admonish the would be Turkey Bowlers for not showing up at the BHS football field on Thursday afternoon…yes it was cold and raining, but that’s football weather boys…as far as Graham and I are concerned we are the sole winners of the Turkey Bowl this year…

but on the whole let me thank everyone for making Thanksgiving such a joy this year…to Mom for a momentous effort in the kitchen that yielded quite tasty results…to Parker and Mr. Paterson for contributing fine libation and conversation to the Carner Thanksgiving Dinner…to everyone that convened at 526 Natchez for the Post Egg Bowl Poker Extravaganza…to Valley, for inviting me to the deer camp and for just being Valley, to Kyra, Charles and MiMi for the nonstop cooking throughout the deer camp stay…to MiMi for fixing the buttons and patching the hole in the pocket of my favorite jacket… to Mr. Charles for finding a way to let us see Old Man River even though it was during quiet hours for hunting…to all the Gordon family who joyfully gave Lucky and I the run of the camp even though things were already a bit cramped…it was surely a week of Thanksgiving celebration I will not soon forget…


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