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heres to the d-o-double-g

Uncategorized — d-ashes on January 6, 2004 at 10:50 am

i don’t have my card reader at work today so i can’t throw any pictures up from the snoop show last night quite yet…but i can testify to having A BLAST…it really was one of the best concerts i’ve ever attended, a full-bore, immsersive experience for sure…

one plus to making the audience wait 2+ hours more than they planned is that there’s a lot of energy stored up when the show actually starts…i have never felt the floor of hal and mal’s back room move before, but there were times during snoop’s show that it was shaking pretty good…if i hadn’t already planned on monday night being my last holiday hurrah i’d be going again tonight…if you’re in or around jackson and have the chance to go, i’d highly recommend it…and nicole, sorry we didn’t get our picture…maybe next time…

just put up a new website for my friend brad’s new law firm…check it out here

and on a completely different music note…many thanks to you, carl, for leaving me the gram parsons anthology…very fine…very fine, indeed…


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