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IM with EzE

Uncategorized — d-ashes on January 28, 2004 at 3:30 pm

kind of a slow day at the bookstore so i caught up with ernest…chat was funny enough i thought i’d pass it on…

lowgreynite: graham will be here at his spring break at the soonest i think
MrEzEmyers: well i might be here for shep’s wedding
MrEzEmyers: that’s around sb
MrEzEmyers: i’m sure he’s coming into town for that
lowgreynite: oh yeah forgot about that
lowgreynite: what’s the date?
MrEzEmyers: i think fri before sb
lowgreynite: sb?
lowgreynite: super bowl?
lowgreynite: that’s this weekend
lowgreynite: i thought it was in march
MrEzEmyers: no sb – spring break
MrEzEmyers: sorry
lowgreynite: ah
lowgreynite: gotcha
lowgreynite: duh
MrEzEmyers: i don’t think about football i guess – i’m more pumped about all star survivor starting
lowgreynite: hahahahaha
MrEzEmyers: my money is on Boston Rob
MrEzEmyers: from Survivor 4
MrEzEmyers: woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
lowgreynite: hahahha
lowgreynite: i need his statistics
lowgreynite: link me to the website
MrEzEmyers: he’s a dirty sum of a bitch
MrEzEmyers: www.cbs.com
MrEzEmyers: rob m
lowgreynite: are you in charge of the all star survivor office pool?
MrEzEmyers: i need to get one going
lowgreynite: heh
MrEzEmyers: I’ll put down some money with you on it
lowgreynite: heh
lowgreynite: i don’t bet on reality shows
lowgreynite: that’s just, well…i don’t know what it is
MrEzEmyers: i do all the time
lowgreynite: but when i get to st. peter’s gates i’d be highly embarassed to have to state for all to hear that i gambled on reality tv
MrEzEmyers: hey man – i’m not embarassed


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