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Uncategorized — d-ashes on February 3, 2004 at 5:19 pm

man, the world is moving fast these days…creativeWave is blowing up BIG…more than jess, jenn, casey, and i could have imagined…the first event, set for the beginning of march, is almost fully planned with 3 bands playing and 6 artists showing…more to come on this at the end of the week…

kay and aven hosted a stupendous super bowl party…aven even got bravo! chef dan blumenthal over to help him cook the ducks he’d killed a few weeks before (aven: ‘when you don’t know how to cook something just invite an award winning chef over. problem solved!’)…aven also made his ultra-secret (but somehow also ultra-famous) crawfish/sausage dove stuffing and it was unreal in the doves he threw on the grill…adam, john, and theresa also joined us and we had a fine time watching a great football game and eating ourselves into a coma…we never really had dinner, plates just kept appearing on the table before us…after the game was over (and what a great game!) aven broke out some tasty little cuban cigars he’d acquired while he and kay were in venezuela over new years…aven defended his crown as the king of fun, hands down, and a good time was had by all…

and last but certainly not least, VALLEY GORDON lives in Mississippi again…she just got back 2 days ago and has already bought a house…with spring just around the corner and valley back in my neck of the woods life will certainly prove to be busier than it already is, if that is possible…i only hope i’m up to the task of keeping up…


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