"…and not for five minutes will I be distracted from the wonder…"

six days of rain, pt. 1

Uncategorized — d-ashes on February 16, 2004 at 2:01 pm

‘Riding backwards this wooden horse,
I’m about to gallop through the void
Would you seek to trace me?
Ha! Try catching the tempest in a net.’

sunday morning brought a magic time between sleep and waking…the realization was maybe a moment or hours long, i’m not sure…it was the understanding that chaos is my god/drug/everything/nothing/blessing/curse and at this clarified moment, i knew these things within the subatomic part of me that was formed in the beginning of time, understood with senses beyond tone, sight, smell or touch…the last 6 days had been a mainlined revival, a veritable baptism in living that i found myself, after an exceptional all night valentine’s party, arising from on sunday morning, sharing a (thankfully) large bed with mattie, amy clay (who at some point the previous evening had decided she no longer needed her clothes and has spent the remainder of the time wrapped only in a fur blanket, (if you don’t know amy clay, this is nothing surprising, it’s SOP)), jill, and mattie’s rottweiler sue, who is a boy…all in good clean fun, mind you, but boy was IT FUN…

days (1) monday – (3) wednesday:
gloom descended on most of mississippi in the form of a continual rain and low, still, oppressing clouds…with the high pressure system came one of my attacks of acute random seasonal affective disorder (self diagnosed)…a lot of things seemed weird, wrong and out of place…i could feel the discord in me also in many people and things around me…at times i could frame a view without something in it i recognized and it made me feel like i was in ireland again, which was an interesting displacement…the world within and without trudged on, but ever so fucking slowly…

(4) thursday:
my mood lightened a bit but damn it was still cloudy and rainy…the rain kept the same tempo for about 2 days, a steady drizzle, and i was impressed that it could keep the same cadence for so long…thursday night i took bobby home after our store meeting…we kicked it with his daschund puppy skyla (short for the XTC album ‘skylarking’) and played his drums and he gave me the low-down on some nice electronic music…before i left i stuck around long enough to help him change the tire on his car…while doing so a black cat watched us idly and after commenting on how it would be just my luck to have a black cat cross my path the day before friday the 13th the cat did…though 13 is my lucky number (gotta be lucky for someone, right?) i registered the portent…after getting bobby’s tire changed i jump over a couple of blocks to hollie and brian’s to help ‘bow’ invitations…this was my initiation into the bride’s side of marriage preparation…all my previous marriage ritual involved getting groom’s drunk and taking them to strip clubs, so this was a slight change of pace…the event was carried off in true hollie fashion…she was the only girl there and she, brian, ken, and i bowed invites, drank, and had a fine time planning a trip to a fortune teller who lives and works on hwy 51 just south of hazlehurst…then we were off to martins for 80’s night, where i ran into jen, casey and natalie all done up for some 80’s style partying…i have some rather jaded opinions on recycled culture, but i guess every culture does it, though the american version and it’s current fixation with the 80’s strikes me as odd…of course, having lived through the entire 80’s i guess i have a different perspective than all these young hipsters who dig the decade with so much fervor…

to be continued…


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