"…and not for five minutes will I be distracted from the wonder…"


Uncategorized — d-ashes on March 16, 2004 at 8:50 pm

care to take a stroll with me?

racing sunbeams up 55 north…smile at stars invisible above me in the morning light…

i know 55 so well i think i can place what mile marker i’m at by the sequence of bumps i feel coming up through my tires into the steering wheel and into my hands…sound without hearing…i know a road better than i know a lot of people…it strikes me as weird and sad…

my friend ben says this site is ‘white’…i try to explain it is purely the echo of what i see, hear, feel…but he’s black, perhaps he cannot know me/this as anything but white…funny, i feel dark a lot…

the other day i got a strong, harsh, necessary lesson in power…i don’t understand how i can make another person feel so happy AND so sad…i am a creator and a destroyer…and so are you…we all accomplish each in the countless little things we do every day…a certain turn of the mouth…a certain cant of eyes…with silence and with talk…what have we obliterated today? what have we borne?

i am no less a fool than i am an angel…


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