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Uncategorized — d-ashes on April 17, 2004 at 2:58 pm

alright…i just put a new keyboard into the laptop and it works so
much better…i hadn’t realized how integral the letters ‘b’ and ‘n’
are in typing english and computer based languages…man, i want to
type a novella just to see the thing work…

i got a call from chuck first thing this morning telling me that
steve’s dad had died last night…he’d had a long illness but steve had
never really let on what his condition was so it was a bit of a
surprise, and a sad one…steve’s dad was always fun to hang out with
and always had a story of steve doing something dumb as a kid to
entertain us with whenever we stopped by steve’s parent’s house…

besides the news of steve’s dad it has been a most relaxing and
gorgeous day…i woke late, found my keyboard had arrived and installed
it, then had lunch with dad in b/w his trips to the hospital to tend to
rounds…he’d put the finishing touches on the bike he’d built for me
for my birthday, so we ran it around in the driveway while he explained
to me how to use the gears…i was feeling a bit sleepy from my bowie’s
turkey sandwich so i retired to my den to read some poems by william
jay smith and walt whitman…i woke up about two hours later not having
remembered putting the book down and i very well may have fallen asleep
in the middle of reading whitman…it’s interesting to think that for a
couple of seconds in between being awake and sleeping i was actually
reading without conscience…

after waking up i renewed my love affair with lawn mowing for this
grass growing season…much like driving i find mowing one of my
favorite paths to zen…b/w moving while sitting and the noise drowning
out everything around me it allows for a nice outdoor meditation…so
for my backyard circuit i said goodbye to steve’s dad and pondered the
glamorous trappings of the city (i know, it’s jackson, but it’s as
close as i regularly get), which i can only do when i shed city mouse
life for country mouse life…

jeffe just called and i think i’m gonna clean up and go over to his
place to sit on the porch, drink the beer, and listen to some
tunes…hope everyone is having a grand weekend…enjoy the weather if
you’re in the jackson/brookhaven area, you know that it will only stay
this pleasant for so long (though last year this weather did stay
through may for the most part but i dare not hope for it to happen


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