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tone poems

Uncategorized — d-ashes on April 24, 2004 at 11:06 am

they haven’t mowed the grass on the sides of the interstate yet and it’s grown rather long…watching each piece wave in an undulating, charmed unison with the others was a nice sight on the drive up this morning…at one point the grass was broken by a scar of upturned earth…tire tracks…they went down the side of the median and ended against a tree in a mound of earth and broken branches…someone had left a bouquet of flowers there…it was tragic, anonymous, and touching…

i’ve acquired a weird hitch in my sleep schedule the last couple of weeks…after i’ve gotten back to brookhaven, eaten dinner, taken a bike ride, and worked on the computer for a while i usually finish off the evening watching adult swim on the idiot box…more often than not i fall asleep on the couch before making it to bed…once or twice a week i wake up at around 2:30 or 3:00 and can’t get back to sleep…so i read, and it’s a nice little secret time, a part of the day untouched by the cares or demands of the daylight hours…tuesday morning i read the story of nisus and scylla (i don’t really like the linked translation but it’s all i could find) from ovid’s metamorphoses and since then have been haunted by the image of scylla as a young girl sitting in the highest turret on alcathoe’s walls, where she would regularly go to look out on to the sea…ovid tells of how she would toss pebbles onto a bell in the tower and enjoy the beautiful, random tones that it would make…years later, as a young woman, she would sit on the same wall and watch king minos lay siege to the town, fall in love with him just from watching him wage war on her own people, and give him her father’s kingdom as her show of devotion, which went violently unrequited…but it’s that image of her tossing stone’s onto that huge bell that i just can’t get out of my head for some reason…

it may be that my looming 28th birthday (next thursday) has something to do with scylla tossing pebbles in my head…getting older is a universal experience, but you have to do it individually and it’s always the first time you’ve done it…considering life as a wave then the frequency is stretching a bit, i think…there’s a little more distance b/w the peaks and valleys…28 may be the marker where i realize a bit more that some things are best done in consideration of the long haul rather than the immediate…a worthy but hard lesson to learn (i know, most people learn that long before they’re 28…what can i say…i’m slow), relearn, and attempt to practice with a bit more discretion…i’ll ponder that one a bit more for the rest of my solitary afternoon @ lemCom…forever forward…


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