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Uncategorized — d-ashes on May 21, 2004 at 2:25 pm

i’ve been listening to wilco’s upcoming release ‘a ghost is born’ for about a month now and have found it an incredible album, especially for its lyrics, which are absolutely gorgeous…it’s no secret that the album has been available via file-sharing networks for a number of months…from this usatoday article i learned about JustAFan, an organization that takes donations directly for wilco (who in turn is donating it to doctors without borders) in response to their dedication to provide their music for free…i popped in and payPal-ed them a donation…while wilco isn’t necessarily getting paid for ‘a ghost is born’ by doing this, i think that it is a great example of the alternative models available to bands who want to get their music out without utilizing the traditional models that file-sharing is so quickly changing…


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