"…and not for five minutes will I be distracted from the wonder…"


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I knew a girl who was almost a lady
She had a way with all the men in her life
Every inch of her blossomed in beauty
And she was born on the fourth of July
Well she lived in an aluminum house trailer
And she worked in a juke box saloon
And she spent all the money I give her
Just to see the old man in the moon

I used to sleep at the foot of Old Glory
And awake in the dawn’s early light
But much to my surprise
When I opened my eyes
I was a victim of the great compromise
The Great Compromise, John Prine

i spent the better part of our nation’s birthday on a sleeping bag with my feet lazing in the grass of jay’s front yard, watching his neighbors shoot fireworks into state street…the budweiser was cold, the company was divine, and the monkey burgers were as good as they ever were…and all seemed right and well with the world, though it certainly is not…the illusion was complete and total, though, as i lay on my back and watched the sky go to that deep blue of coming night and listened to the artillery of our city’s celebration thump in the distance…

and so today, sitting @ work alone cause bobby’s off, i’ve got all day to ponder the question that joyce carol oates put forth so well in the title of that incredible, meaningful tale; ‘where are you going, where have you been?’…(if you’ve never read it, find it)…swing by and share a beer on the deck if you’ve got something to add…

a friendster msg i sent bradford a bit later in the day:
i’m glad one of us was up to some explosive devilry…i had achieved some sort of waking coma on jay’s lawn…i just lay on the sleep bag and stared up into the american night (‘to be tamed by the night in a wild, luxurious car / hitchhikers line the great highway’ that may be a bit off but i can’t find it to confirm it)…i was suspended in my own little sea for a bit and then your sister showed up in her loud quiet way and that pulled me out of myself a bit, then stephanie poured an entire COOLLLLD beer down my neck and the spell was fully broken and there i was, surrounded by friends in a yard on monroe street, beer drying down my shirt…for a while there i had traveled across country and back over the power lines…flying through field, desert, village and city @ the speed of light…i saw it all…and then i was home…and here i am now…july 5th…

you can’t go back and do things any different than they’ve already been done…but are we where we’re supposed to be??…

i posted the title to that joyce carol oate’s story on my site today to describe the wanderings my head has taken today after last night’s flights…’where are you going, where have you been?’…a story dedicated to bob dylan, actually…

i think i will read it again this evening before closing the shop…

soon, dvc


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