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six days of rain, pt. 3

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six days of rain, pt 3 (mile marker 51)
feb. 15th, 2004

the sun is back on sunday
breaking out
in a city wide grin
as i pass the power station on the stack
the light illuminating downtown
in some holy crown that leaves me awed
after a week of clouds and wet

and i’m giggling @ the mistakes
that perfection makes
those jokes that only gods know the punchlines to
and i’m wondering if the music
will sync with the blinking lights of invisible towers
on the way south
to the quiet side of myself

i hit 55
and there’s the feeling that i’m shedding time

the road is now my clock

today’s mile marker is 51
and when i pass it i remember
to pop up over myself
and find where the intersection
of me and now has put my thoughts

and what i’m thinking is that
i want to sit somewhere and recall with you
the pieces that are the sum of our experience
and then crush them into fractions
scatter them the world over
and smile @ you
not knowing a thing about you,
or me, or us


six days of rain, pt. 1


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