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Uncategorized — d-ashes on August 21, 2004 at 2:28 pm

ever since i’ve been on friendster i’ve continually added to the ‘about me’ section and it’s turned into a weird/somewhat (un?)interesting little missive which i find somewhat funny, as i don’t really even believe in ‘me’s’ a lot of the time anyways…but in the interest of self-serving egotism, i present it for your reading pleasure/displeasure…

i’m married to a city and she’s a harsh mistress…sounds weird but it’s true…pray we don’t have kids…i say things i don’t mean, mean things i don’t say…i think there is nothing sexier than sincerity (tempered with a healthy dose of absurd silliness)…i want to take a nap in the general vicinity of william blake’s grave…my favorite game is to see how many different ways people can pigeon hole me…i care more about the journey than the destination, more about the process than the results…i don’t choose sides and they don’t choose me…i’m six years behind the times and therefore 14 years ahead…one among many…i enjoy taking showers in the dark…i’m in love with the impossible…i believe in crystal lite because i believe in me….hint: it’s easy to tell my favorite clothes: they’ve either got wine stains or ink stains (the extra special ones have both)…the feeling of the world’s possibility and experience growing exponentially around me is both thrilling and terrifying…am i a character in the story of your life or are you a character in mine?…foosball wizard…i’m often too mercurial to put up with and am addicted to silence…i have a healthy fascination with power lines…for as much as i love the world i don’t really understand people and their motivations…i’m incurably addicted to sunkist soda and boiled peanuts…i think that both god and the devil are in the details and they are giggling uncontrollably at every last one of us, arm in arm…i’m curious if there is a difference b/w ‘want’ and ‘need’…1.5 parts techGeek, 1 part wordsmith, .5 parts redneck…last spring after inventorying the contents of my car i coined the term ‘techNeck’ after finding a laptop, digicam, shotgun, fishing rod, tackle box, and music ranging from autechre and bola to hank williams and gram parsons…i am the sum of my contradictions…go figure…


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