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Since school’s back in we’re going to have a pop quiz. [*groan*] Hey look, we could always do this after school. [silence] That’s what I thought. Ok here we go.

  1. Appearing tonight (Fri) at George St. is:
    1. The Cary Hudson Trio
    2. Renowned Proust lecturer, Reginald Finnsbury of the Kinslow Institute
    3. Charro nude
  2. Droning yet hard-edged, twangy rock describes:
    1. The Myrtles at Martin’s this Saturday
    2. A Spring afternoon with Jamie Farr
    3. The sensation of relaxed muscles after an urgent piss
  3. Monday night at George Street, Tate Moore will be singing and playing solo:
    1. Acoustic guitar
    2. Bassoon
    3. Sausage

[Bonus] If I were a Twinkie, with what would you fill me?

and a little ditty that fell out of the sky and into my head earlier this afternoon:

3:09 pm @ work and i’m struck by a sudden sun-kist jones
so i forsake the car
for a walk to the store down the street
to get a little me time with my mistress, my city;

i’m no more than 50 feet out the door
and i’ve found god(s) in the cracks of the sidewalk
made slow love with my eyes to the patterns of the bricks
on the sides of the office buildings that line the street;

at the shell station
the cashier calls me ‘boo’
as she hands me my change
her long feline fingernails clicking
against the coins
while i gaze @ the homemade tweetie tattoo
on her lovely ebony arm;

and on the walk back
i’m praying to the power lines
silhouetted above me in the dirty light
of this hazy humid day
and then i’m invisible
wrapped tightly in arms of now

hope to see some of y’all out and bout this weekend…methinks it’s gonna be a good one…


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