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thomas hamill

Uncategorized — d-ashes on September 21, 2004 at 2:14 pm

thomas hamill, the civilian mississippian taken hostage in iraq and who later escaped his captors just stopped in @ lemCom…general tommie franks is signing his book here today and i imagine mr. hamill stopped in to meet him and take a look at the store, as he is coming here for his own book as well…

just the short, casual conversation that we had was enthralling…he doesn’t feel we will ever ‘win’ in iraq, that the people over there have no interest in acquiescing to the sort of victory we’ve been led to expect…having lived with hostile iraqis in their homeland for almost a month i certainly give more weight to his opinion than most others (i didn’t get the chance to ask how that opinion will affect his vote in november and wouldn’t have felt very comfortable doing so anyways)…you can see a good sized scar on his right arm and his handshake was a little weak, but looking into his eyes there was no denying the strength that he found while in captivity over there…yvonne asked if he ever had any question about getting out of that situation alive and he answered that he just put his life in god’s hands and though he never knew how it was going to turn out, he felt as though he’d been put in that position to eventually tell his story…believe what you want about god and faith, but meet somebody who’s been through what he has and it will make you think twice about it, at least…


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