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murray pace’s murderer was sentenced to death last night, both closing and opening yet another chapter in that inexplicable tragedy that changed the lives of so many people, many of whom i know and countless more that i will never meet…i was not a very close friend of murray’s but we were part of the same group of friends at millsaps and in baton rouge and i have been good friends with her brother for a long time…i had arrived late @ chuck and grace’s wedding in alexandria, where murray was to have been a bridesmaid, the friday she was murdered…i could tell from the moment that i ran into the crew, sitting on the front steps of the hotel downtown, that something was incredibly wrong even before chuck took me aside and gave me the news…i still don’t really know how we all made that weekend joyous (well, booze and pills played their part), but we managed…2002 had already been a bad year and from that day forward, aside from a few bright spots, it only got worse for a lot of people close to me…before any of that, though, i think of anne pace, murray’s mom, who has been so devastated and driven by all of this…i read her statement to the jury during the penalty phase of the trial and it was heart-breaking, beautiful and moving…


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