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state fair controversy…over?

Uncategorized — d-ashes on October 2, 2004 at 8:58 am

alright…it seems that statewide public outrage was all it took to convince these guys that celebrating a suspected civil rights era murderer is a bad idea…what i think they’ve really misjudged is the fact that the controversy they’ve stirred up has generated a lot more public energy towards the state prosecution of those involved in the ’64 neshoba slayings that wasn’t there before…we’ll see where that goes…at least i can eat my roasted corn in peace…

it’s a beautiful day down here in baton rouge…i brought the bikes down and blythe, billy, mc and i rode them downtown to hit a few bars last night…they all live right next to the louisiana state capitol and it was a beautiful sight, towering above us and illuminated against a breezy early fall evening…we finished the evening sitting on the roof of the apartment complex having a night cap and eating boiled peanuts…was a fine night to be high above the town…

there is more good football on tv than i know what to do with…arkansas/florida, lsu/georgia, and if i’m still alive and emotionally stable tennessee/auburn…in a little bit it’s time to go to the grocery store for courtyard party supplies then fire up the blender for the first margarita of the day…i think that blythe and i have finally convinced jay that he’s missing more fun than he should on baton rouge weekends…he’s on the coast for a wedding and i think he’s going to grace us with his holy presence tonight…certainly a cut throat game of 99 will be played @ some point…GEAUX TIGERS!!!

post script:
well..the tigers sucked and jay backed out…it’s a dark and lonely evening in the red stick…


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