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meta-politics: election day ’04

Uncategorized — d-ashes on November 2, 2004 at 3:10 pm

wow…it’s been 4 years since the last presidential election day…a lot has changed since that night i stayed up til 2 in the morning trying to figure out who the hell won that thing…having weighed what is better or worse since that election day, i gave my vote to the kerry/edwards ticket…i think kerry’s a politician and has said a lot of things that i’d rather not hear in his attempt to get elected…but he can’t be any worse than the guy in there now, in my opinion, so i want to see what he’s got…

and i won’t beat around the errr, bush…that vote for kerry/edwards is very much an anti-bush vote, if only for the fact that i think that democracy should be an open system and this administration seems to think that it is their right and privilege to work under a veil of secrecy that i find very disconcertinng…

so that’s my take on it…i’ve got plenty of republican friends that disagree with me…which is fine…i’m no political savant…in fact i have a high disregard for the whole system…but tonight will be interesting…part of me wants a clear victory for whoever wins, part of me wants a quagmire magnified beyond even the last election’s with the hope that we finally abandon the electoral college and let the person with the most popular votes win…either way it will be an entertaining evening…blythe is driving up to brookhaven to pick me up then we’re heading for soulshine to watch the returns with the crew that will be there…jay is bartending, the jfp is covering by blog live…swing by you get the chance…


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