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Uncategorized — d-ashes on November 10, 2004 at 10:03 pm

TODAY, after 3 years of false starts, dead ends and numerous other obstacles, LemuriaBooks.com finally has a true blue shopping cart system…while there is still some core functionality that needs to be put in place, i feel as though i’ve jumped over the moon…everything about my favorite bookstore is chaos and it is hard to put just about anything into process and this has been about the biggest bitch of all…but it’s done, all written completely from scratch (we couldn’t find a single pre-made cart system that could take into account all the weird things that we encountered data and logic wise)…so go buy some books…it’s never been any easier than this, at least @ lemuriabooks.com…

came back from a nice weekend @ the farm with chuck and steve shooting guns and playing ‘lord of the rings’ risk and from a quick visit in baton rouge (blythe and i went to see ‘the motorcycle diaries‘ and it was great) to work, work, work…got the cart live today, working on a big project for syngergy and teaching a 2 day class for athena tomorrow and friday…new long sleeve t-shirt designs are due for the bookstore, broadstreet needs a computer repaired, the law firm in brookhaven needs a new computer installed…alright…enough griping…sorry…as you were…or as you are…whichever…


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