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A&W ver 2.0 / Fractions

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Well, here it is, Ashes&Water version 2.0. It’s in PHP/mySQL and utilizes
a div/css layout and already I like it much better visually and for its ease
of maintenance. There are still some pieces of core functionality that aren’t
in place, mainly: adding comments and the email form (update: comments are working) and there is some more work on the visual layout to be done. I’m going to try get most
of that up and running today and tomorrow, but if I don’t it will be another
week in coming because I’m off to Colorado with dad for a couple of days of skiing
at Wolf Creek. I’m pretty pumped about that as I haven’t been skiing since I
moved back from Albuquerque and Wolf Creek has tons of snow this year. In the
meantime, here are a few fractions of experience from the last week or so.

Friday, January 14th, 2005
Bobby and Jakob are free men for the weekend with Melissa and Beebo out of
town visiting their brother so I invite them over for a spaghetti dinner
with Kelly and me. I text message a couple of other people and we end up
having 14 people over. Twiggy, Willie-G and Marlowe make it, as well as Maddie
and Pony along with Josh and Lindsey. It’s quite the crew. Drinks are had,
games of darts are thrown and a mammoth amount of spaghetti is consumed.
All in all it’s quite the salon and quite a way to start the new year, with
so many friends gathered together in one place. An oath is taken to repeat
the occasion.

Saturday, January 15th, 2005
On Hwy 7, on my way up to Oxford, I see a huge hawk sitting on a utility pole
and pull off to walk back and take a picture. When I get back to the pole
the hawk is gone, but the pole has some good lines coming off it so I snap
a few shots of it. From the woods lining the road I hear a few crashes and
suddenly, 15 to 20 feet from where I’m standing a doe deer blasts past me
and across the highway. She is followed shortly by another doe who runs and stops
just as she clears the trees. There is a car coming from the opposite direction
than where I’m standing. She doesn’t see me and with her attention on the
approaching car I am able to watch her for a good 30/45 seconds, snapping
pictures. Finally she sees me and bolts back into the woods. It occurs to
me that a deer’s instinct to stay close to its cover (in this case the woods)
probably contributes a number of times to its getting hit by a car when crossing
a road. It did not go right up to the roadside then decide whether to take
a chance at a crossing. Had the doe chosen to cross, the 30/40 extra feet
it would have had to cover to get to the road from the perimeter of the trees
probably would have given the car plenty of time to be
right on her while she was in the road.

Sunday, January 16th, 2005
Ashleigh, Lucky and I are on the way back from Memphis after a night with Heath
and Elizabeth celebrating Heath’s 30th birthday party with him and his friends
at his apartment. We’ve eaten breakfast at Barksdale’s, a little
Mom and Pop diner trapped in those brown wood-paneled days of the late 60’s/early
70’s that I identity with Memphis so regularly. After a trip to the mall
I turn the keys over to Lucky and build myself a nest with a jacket and blanket
in the back of the Jeep with a view out the passenger side window. The
sights as we navigate our way out of Memphis and into the North Mississippi
countryside are old and immediate all at once, like one big William
photograph. The air is like water and the world is swimming
in the sunlight, illumination not so much being the desired
result but an afterthought of a grander process. The light turns the dead,
brown grass a red that you can only find on the late afternoons of winter.
I snuggle into the blanket and let my mind wander above landscape.


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