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The benefit Wednesday night was a huge success. Over $4,000 was raised to go directly to OxFam to aid tsunami victims. I got to see a lot of people in one place that I haven’t visited with in a while including William Goodman, fresh from the opening of his show at Agora Gallery in NYC. Check out WilleG’s catalog there, as there are some pieces you won’t find on the gallery at his site. Living Better Electrically capped off the evening with one of their best performances ever, in my opinion. They were, well, electric :). Got some good photos of their set that will be up on the site in the next day or two. I let the first Conductor() image loose on the world for the silent art auction and was amazed/humbled that the thing sold for $120 (Thabi of the JFP bought it).

Last night I went and heard Josh play a solo acoustic set at WC Don’s. It was interesting to see the Rock Star alone and unplugged. Both Pony and Maddie were in town for a couple of days and it was nice to visit with them. It doesn’t happen too often with Pony in Memphis and Maddie back up in Oxford for school. And speaking of Oxford/Memphis, I’m there this weekend to visit with Lucky, Ashleigh and Heath. Been a while since I’ve ventured north so I’m very much looking forward to that. I haven’t ever payed much attention to Memphis’ powerlines so we’ll see what I find.

The redesign of Ashes and Water is almost done and I hope to have it up by next weekend. This may require a couple of days of down time since I’m switching hosts, but hopefully it will be no more than a few hours. Be checking back for it if you’re interested. I’ve stared at it for so long that I need some fresh eyes to tell me what I need to fix/finish.


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