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Home Again…

Uncategorized — d-ashes on January 31, 2005 at 10:57 am

The drive back from Colorado was epic. Dad and I drove through quite the snow storm on the way down La Veta pass. I probably saw the most snow I’ve ever seen fall while driving in a car. But we made it back just fine and had a great time. The skiing was great and spending some time in such a rural area made coming back to Jackson quite nice. I’ll have the pictures posted in the next day or two.

A social Sunday in Jackson was here to welcome me back. I met up with Kelly, Kamilla, Chad and Laura and we went to the JFP’s annual ‘Best of Jackson’ party down in the Millsaps Art District. The party was bumping and the booze was free. Lemuria even garnered an award for Best Bookstore and it was good to catch up with the crew. I felt like I’d been gone for a month, though it was only 5 days. I asked Jaysus what I missed while I was gone: "Well, I got drunk.". And, poor me, I wasn’t here to see it. Josh and Lindsey had made it back from their honeymoon in New Orleans yesterday as well, sporting new tattoos. Lindsey got a peacock on her left shoulder blade. Josh got a huge Virgin of Guadalupe on his left shoulder that is just remarkable with its detail and skill of the artist.

After leaving the party we stopped in at Martin’s for one drink. Jay was nice enough to hit the bar for me before 10 and had a Maker’s and ice waiting for me, which was tasty medicine for my sore back and legs.

I don’t have to work today so I’m gonna do some laundry and catch up on a week’s worth of DVRed cartoons. Kelly’s dog, Friday, is spending the day with me and he’s not exactly inspiring me to activity as he’s lying on my bed snoring.


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