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Strathnavern: Better than Buttermilk?

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If tomorrow is Flag Day in Mexico, that means there are only 110 more
shopping days till our own Flag Day. This is truly my favorite time of year.
I don’t know what it is, but I really do get caught up in the Flag Day
spirit. I realize I am no longer a child, but I still like to hang my Flag
Day stocking on the fireplace in hopes that in the wee hours of June 14th,
Francis Scott Key will come barreling down my chimney. I know he keeps tab
as to whether I’ve been good or bad this year, but I always leave out a
plate of cured ham, boiled turnips, and a hard roll, along with a bottle of
Beefeater, just in case he’s on the bubble upon descent.

Just think, in no time we’ll singing Flag Day carols around the family
Flag Day goose. Everybody will be getting off work; but not before everyone
receives their Flag Day bonuses. And before you know it, it will all be gone
for another year. But don’t rest just yet, that always means Arbor Day is
just around the corner.

WEDNESDAY (tonight)
Soul Rebels Brass Band @ George St. for FREE

It’s a brass band for goodness sake. Are you averse to fun?


DJ DeLuxe @ The Red Room @ 8:30
Jay needed somebody to fill in, so I’ve decided to let him put his foot
where his mouth is. For those of you familiar with my spinning days at
Martin’s years ago or my radio show in Oxford, the evening will follow the
same format: Nasty soul grooves that will not only make you slip into nod,
but launch your rear into the stratosphere. Jay has obliged me with the
early start time to allow 8-5ers to bloom a superior posterior as well.


The movie Scrapple @ The Red Room @ (conflicting sources: either 7 or 8)

I have yet to see Scrapple, but I do know Geoff Hanson. Aside from
making The Earth Will Swallow You, he’s bought me Jagermeister
in four different states. Scrapple was his first movie. I don’t know the
whole story, but I know it’s set in 1970s Colorado and centers around ski

Interpol @ Twiropa in New Orleans

More artsy than fartsy, but damn good nonetheless


The Vamps @ Martins

Jackson’s best band celebrates their 7th anniversary. What is the 7th,
cork or felt?

The movie End of the Century @ Hal & Mal’s @ 7:30
This is the new Ramones documentary

Asylum Street Spankers @ Studio Two @ 7:30
Austin vets of Prohibition-era rags lands at the old Mosquito on
Millsaps Ave. It is listed as having “secured” parking.


Pub Quiz
67 fans can’t be wrong

Strathnavern Dunkheld-Fowles IV, Esq. (Ret.)

P.S. Despite popular perception, J.L. Jones did not leave his entire fortune
to Krystal.

P.P.S. I’m pretty sure John Cheever’s “Just One More Time” is not about

P.P.P.S. I can feel that, by the way.

Buy the ticket, take the ride…

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The Drudge Report is reporting that Hunter S. Thompson shot himself to death today at his home in Woody Creek, Colorado. The initial report suggests suicide though I guess there is the possibility it could have been an accident as well. There are no details at this point. I wouldn’t be surprised if Dr. Thompson, who always did it his own way, decided himself when to jump off the ship. Whatever the case, it is sad to see him go. He was one of my very favorite authors and though the myth of ‘Dr. Gonzo’ eventually overshadowed his books for many people, the man wrote some great words and had some inciteful (insightful?) things to say about where we as a nation are going and where we have been. Godspeed, good Doctor, godspeed. I’m heading to Martin’s to raise a toast to the departed HST. Meet me if you care to join.

PatT and I made it out to Copiah Cty to give HST a proper wake. Heres to the night.


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This Monday is President’s Day. And it’s high time we took a few moments
to recognize and reacquaint ourselves with two of the finest this country
has ever offered.

Abraham “Buz” Lincoln was born in the Italian section of St. Louis in
1695. His father was a renown percussionist and his mother stuffed sausage.
They met at a cockfight. Their first son, “Blistering” Clarence was the
talent of the family. As a doting brother, he would later teach young Buz
the secrets of clairvoyance, alchemy, squash, and three-card monty. But Buz
would come into his own as a masseuse.

Knowing this was no way to make a living, he took all the money he saved
from diamond mining and enrolled at UC Santa Barbara. After earning his
degree in Oceanography, Buz decided to stay out West. It was only after a
failed Modesto ice cream parlor that young Buz tasted the creamy whipped
topping of local politics. On his seventh try, he was finally elected
associate chairman of the women’s auxiliary Spring luncheon. From there he
ascended to the White House on the Whig ticket.

Aside from being the first (U.S.) president to dunk a basketball,
Lincoln signed a bill approving federal research that led to the invention
of the Coke Icee. But his lasting legacy would be the reinstatement of the
the letter Q into the alphabet and the enduring catch phrase, “Mildred,
gimmie five.”

George Washington precedes any log-cabin associations with successful
presidential candidates. His upbringing was one of privilege. But his
rewards in life would be testament to his staunch beliefs in discipline,
honor, perseverance, and hard work.

GW was raised on a sprawling estate outside of Toledo, OH. When not
under the watchful eye of his Latin tutor, he would make paper dolls, churn
butter, and hand out skates at the county roller rink.

Although he was groomed to eventually take over the family inner tube
enterprise, George heeded the call of service. Most people know Washington
attended West Point. Few people know it was still Hudson Valley Teachers
College, at the time. There he would forge his lifelong friendships with
Captain Crunch, General Symptoms, and Rear Admiral Clayton Bottoms.

After winning the battle against tooth decay, General Washington was
asked to join a circle of the colonies’ finest intellectuals. And when the
bottle stopped on him, it was determined that he would be the first

But Washington’s professional life did not end with the presidency. He
went on to be a pioneering real estate developer. His first and most
successful venture was a subdivision in northern Virginia, on the shores of
the Potomac. The community was so successful he opened his own college and
bought his own NFL franchise.

The reception was not so warm when he opened his own state in 1899.

Although they are often linked, President Washington only met Elvis
Presley three times. And it’s now understood that one of these occasions was
at a brunch’s omelette station.


Jens Lekman @ Martin’s

Who the hell is this? I’m not exactly sure, but his lushly somber pop
stylings (on iTunes) have garnered him three Swedish Grammy nominations.


Cary Hudson Trio @ George St.

The twangy ruckus ascends Hwy 49


Bryan Ledford @ George St. for FREE

The twangy calm descends I-55


Pub Quiz

Hunka, hunka burning love

Strathnavern Dunkheld-Fowles IV, Esq. (Ret.)

P.S. Despite popular perception, Barbie Basset is not afraid to whip out her

P.P.S. I’m pretty sure T.B. Schmidt’s “Big Bear of Arkansas” was not about
linebacker Billy Ray Smith.

P.P.P.S. Before you throw another centerpiece at me, can I assure you
that I was just admiring your brooch.

Rogue Rodeo…

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Ah, was a nice restful AND active 3 day weekend here in Jackson. From all the talk over at catoptric and youhavebeenwarned all the Rogue Wave fans really enjoyed the show on Friday night (save for Jaxxie Glam’s run-in with a a band member’s mom). Martin’s was packed and it was good to see a big turn out for a nationally acclaimed independent act. Tell your friends, Rogue Wave, tell your friends.

After attending a hip indie music show on Friday I evened the balance by attending the Dixie National Rodeo last night at the Jackson Coliseum. Kelly had overheard me say I’d never been to the rodeo and the dear girl got me tickets for Valentine’s Day and forsook wining and dining at the Mayflower or Walker’s in exchange for corn dogs, popcorn and cokes. We had a good time and as to be expected the people watching (and t-shirt browsing at the souvenir stand) were prime.

A public notice of pending comeuppance to Mr(s). and Mrs. Electric. I got my new darts in yesterday and I think your reign of terror on the Red Room dartboard ends tonight. So mote it be.

Oh, and the photo gallery work keeps taking longer than planned. They are almost ready. Almost. Really, almost. Really.


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Hey, the sun came out. I guess if you just ask/wish nicely those things work
out sometimes. I’m looking forward to 3 days in Jackson though it appears as
if the weather is not going to stay nice for the duration. Hopefully I’ll get
out to take some pictures on Saturday or Sunday if the light is right.

Everybody in the Wrecking Crew is pretty pumped about the Rogue
on Friday night and I think the turn out is going to be good. And while we’re
on the Jackson night-life, I’d like to officially welcome Jaysus to the blog’O’Sphere.
If you want to know what fun is going in Jackson check in regularly
at youhavebeenwarned.blogspot.com.
Jaysus doesn’t disappoint. One year under his close guidance and I’m the
better man for it.

Also, I plan to finish coding the admin section for photo galleries, so those
will be up for sure by Monday. And speaking of coding, I took the first baby
steps towards getting LemuriaBooks.com over to php/mySQL this week. The part
that went much more smoothly than planned was converting the SQL Server database
over to mySQL. Using Access I just connected to the SQLServer and exported
each table directly to a mySQL server running on my machine through the myODBC
driver and VOILA, there it was. It doesn’t set primary keys or build indexes,
but I’d rather make sure that was done piece by piece myself, plus it gives
me the opportunity to get a good line by line look at the table schemas. I
also have to change some data types also, but the main thing is there
was no need to pick through any of the 26,000+ records at any time, as the
data came over fine.


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Bobby and Melissa got engaged last night. CONGRATS YOU TWO! This gives me the oppurtunity to plan my first bachelor party (not the first to attend, just to plan). It’s been rainy and or cloudy for many a day and I think I’m ready for it to be sunny. For the first time in a long time I’m off work for 3 days and in town so I want to be able to go outside and play. With baseball still a month away and football done I have to make a full-fledged effort to get into college basketball now. Duke and North Carolina play tonight. I don’t know who to pull for there, as the team I pull for the most is Graham’s law school alma mater, Wake Forest, which means I hate Duke and NC both.

Melissa & Bobby


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There’s a great article by Lawrence Lessig, my favorite futurist / techonolgist / sociologist on Wilco, one of my favorite bands about file-sharing and the music industry over @ Wired. Check it out. Three new photo galleries are almost ready to go live. I know it’s been a while, but be patient, things are crazy right now. In the meantime check out Gorjus’ postings @ Catoptric.com. His cartoons are the best.

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