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Uncategorized — d-ashes on February 10, 2005 at 12:46 pm

Hey, the sun came out. I guess if you just ask/wish nicely those things work
out sometimes. I’m looking forward to 3 days in Jackson though it appears as
if the weather is not going to stay nice for the duration. Hopefully I’ll get
out to take some pictures on Saturday or Sunday if the light is right.

Everybody in the Wrecking Crew is pretty pumped about the Rogue
on Friday night and I think the turn out is going to be good. And while we’re
on the Jackson night-life, I’d like to officially welcome Jaysus to the blog’O’Sphere.
If you want to know what fun is going in Jackson check in regularly
at youhavebeenwarned.blogspot.com.
Jaysus doesn’t disappoint. One year under his close guidance and I’m the
better man for it.

Also, I plan to finish coding the admin section for photo galleries, so those
will be up for sure by Monday. And speaking of coding, I took the first baby
steps towards getting LemuriaBooks.com over to php/mySQL this week. The part
that went much more smoothly than planned was converting the SQL Server database
over to mySQL. Using Access I just connected to the SQLServer and exported
each table directly to a mySQL server running on my machine through the myODBC
driver and VOILA, there it was. It doesn’t set primary keys or build indexes,
but I’d rather make sure that was done piece by piece myself, plus it gives
me the opportunity to get a good line by line look at the table schemas. I
also have to change some data types also, but the main thing is there
was no need to pick through any of the 26,000+ records at any time, as the
data came over fine.


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