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Rogue Rodeo…

Uncategorized — d-ashes on February 15, 2005 at 12:54 pm

Ah, was a nice restful AND active 3 day weekend here in Jackson. From all the talk over at catoptric and youhavebeenwarned all the Rogue Wave fans really enjoyed the show on Friday night (save for Jaxxie Glam’s run-in with a a band member’s mom). Martin’s was packed and it was good to see a big turn out for a nationally acclaimed independent act. Tell your friends, Rogue Wave, tell your friends.

After attending a hip indie music show on Friday I evened the balance by attending the Dixie National Rodeo last night at the Jackson Coliseum. Kelly had overheard me say I’d never been to the rodeo and the dear girl got me tickets for Valentine’s Day and forsook wining and dining at the Mayflower or Walker’s in exchange for corn dogs, popcorn and cokes. We had a good time and as to be expected the people watching (and t-shirt browsing at the souvenir stand) were prime.

A public notice of pending comeuppance to Mr(s). and Mrs. Electric. I got my new darts in yesterday and I think your reign of terror on the Red Room dartboard ends tonight. So mote it be.

Oh, and the photo gallery work keeps taking longer than planned. They are almost ready. Almost. Really, almost. Really.


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