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Uncategorized — d-ashes on March 7, 2005 at 1:57 pm

I get to work this morning and the
power is out so I head over to the main bookstore to see if they have
power. On the way up the stairs I’m intercepted by Jeff Good, one
of the owners of Broadstreet and BRAVO! who
tells me, with a grin, that I’ve caused him a PR problem. Uh-oh, I
think, what have I done? My first thought is to La Cazuela
on Saturday evening where Rockstar’s
birthday kicked off. We had over 20 people on the deck, all at one
huge conjoined table and I’m wondering if someone who knows that I’m
a contract employee of Mangia Bene,
the restaurant group that operates BRAVO! and Broadstreet
decided that we were acting too much like the fool. Not at all
likely, as I’m not a very high profile employee of Mangia Bene, but
it’s all I can think of.

But no, it’s not 2 for 1 margarita
fueled mob shenanigans at a Mexican
restaurant that’s gotten him in hot water, it’s this website, specifically its link to
fluffertrax.com. Apparently someone clicked on the link to my site, which goes to a list of clients,
off the BRAVO! page, started roaming around a&w and one way or
another found a link to fluffertrax and complained to Jeff that the
designer of his website was placing links to porn in front of his
customer’s eyes on his own website. Things is, fluffertrax isn’t a
porn site, it’s a site that archives and streams porn music. There
aren’t even any porn banner ads. I added it as a link because I
thought it was funny, not because I’m interested in Ashes &
Water’s link collection being a smut archive. There are plenty of
sites out there that have me beat on that. On top of that, you’ve really got to look to find it.

My first reaction to Jackson’s plethora
of moral policemen/women is over-righteous indignation. People who
react to things they don’t like by using the influence of their
business/money to have it removed irks me to no end (apparently this
guy does a lot of big-money business with BRAVO! and is also a regular
complainer). At the same time I
owe Jeff Good a considerable amount of professional courtesy and I
count him as a friend. He lets me freely advertise a&w on his
businesses’ website and his employing me as tech support for Mangia
Bene’s computer systems is what allows me to afford to work at the
bookstore. Plus, he shouldn’t have to risk losing business at the whim
of whatever I decide to post on my own website. So let me admit before
I continue to bitch, that had I simply used an email link or a
standalone page without any links to my personal site content on the
BRAVO! site, none of this would be at issue.

So today, my idea was a javascript
confirm that made any one coming here from BRAVO!’s site acknowledge
with a click that they were entering someone else’s web
space. I called Jeff and told him that was what I was going to
do, at the same time expressing wonder that someone would get so
riled up over such an innocuous and hard to
find piece of content on my website. Jeff then went on to say that
there were other things that bothered this guy, specifically the NYC
RNC Protest photo album

with such photos as a woman holding up a sign
that says ‘Bush Is a Turd’. Ohhhhh okay, I think, this is the kind of
person that I am dealing with. He isn’t just a moral policeman, he is
a political policeman as well. Apparently this guy hadn’t read a&w
thoroughly enough to realize I’m about as a-political as they come, but
something tells me he was more interested in finding things to bitch

So, as to spare Jeff the trouble, I
think I’m just going to ditch the confirm and the URL link
and go with the email link even though I hate to give up even a little
bit of ground to people with such notions. I know it’s silly to get
riled up over
what in the big picture is such a little thing. And really, from the
get go I should have had an advertising page sand
boxed against the personal content of my site, as it is the
more professional way to go. At the same time, though, I just find the
whole thing
silly. I don’t set out to offend anybody, and in almost 2 years of
operating a&w (with a link from BRAVO! in place the entire time)
I’ve never once been targeted by the morality police. Aside from
some constructive and sporadic use of certain four letter words, the
content on my
site is fit to be broadcast on prime time TV (though I have a good idea
what homeboy’s response to that assertion would be).

As I’ve born witness to in other people’s travails, though, you don’t have to go looking for
these kinds of fights, it’s much more likely that it will come looking
for you. But for anybody else that comes across this site and doesn’t
like what they see, feel free to comment on what you find wrong with it
and move on. If you don’t want to read/see what’s here, I don’t want
you to either.


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