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St. David’s Day

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I didn’t have to be at the bookstore yesterday so I did some work
getting the art show ready, picked up some Best Wok for lunch and
headed over to The Electrics apartment. Some 7 or 8 of our friends now
live at "The Dorm" as it has come to be called and it has not taken
long for the place to look the part. The elevator, one of the oldest in
the state, is covered in pictures of the occupants in various states of
debauchery and upon arriving at The Electrics door I found 2 large bags
of trash strategically placed to fall into their apartment upon the
door being opened. My appearance saved Ella Minnow Pea and Elvis, who
like to lie at the door’s opening, from probable doom.

It’s with some sadness that I must report that Best Wok has taken a
serious downhill turn in recent months. The old man, who I will assume
was the owner, sold the place to some much younger folks and the food
is nothing like it was before and it’s not good in some new way.
Stephen Barnette, who along with Jakob, came over for dinner on Friday
night, confirmed the diagnosis. Best Wok as we all know it is no more.

After watching a bit of Eddie Izzard’s Dress to Kill
we headed over to La Cazuela for 2 for 1 margaritas. The weather isn’t
quite warm enough yet to be prime margarita weather, but they had the
heaters on outside so it was bearable. Chip and Jay eventually joined
us and Knol and Duane popped by to say hello as well. To keep the cold
out La Cazuela covers the borders of the deck with plastic and it was
an odd sight, looking out upon the dying day through milky plastic.

In the last 2 months Chip and Melissa have set about forming an
Improv group. A couple of people have come and gone, but a core of
Melissa, Chip, Stansell and Josh have been practicing weekly at the
LemuriaBooks.com space. Bobby wasn’t up for keeping the spot open
yesterday evening so I volunteered to open the space and serve as
audience along with Lindsey.

They improv using the Harold format.
I’ve never seen an improv performance live before and while this was
more of a practice, I really enjoyed watching it. Ginger and Josh had a
particularly funny scene where Josh played a defeated spelling bee
contestant abused by his parents who was being interviewed by a talk
show host (Ginger). Josh: Yes, I’ve started a support group for people like myself. It’s called Spellers, not Yellers.
Jay, Scott and Kelly also were able to pop in before things rapped up
and with 5 of us in the audience, we were the biggest crowd the group had
performed before yet.

So good times in Jackson right now. Good times…


I mention them occasionally, but let me again give mad props to the kids over at Catoptric.com. They are consistently putting out some funny and interesting stuff over there. The recently posted Oscar letters are particularly hilarious.

I’m finally getting around to showing some photographs. Conductor( ),
the series of power line photographs I’ve been working on since August,
will be showing at LemuriaBooks.com from March 15th – 25th with the
opening on the 15th. More info on it here. Kelly, Katrina and Josh are also showing with me and I’m looking forward to seeing it all put together.

I wrote the admin code for posting photo albums which means I will
be updating them much more regularly. I can’t believe it’s been almost
6 months since I posted one. I’ve added albums for the trip to Colorado
that Dad and I took, plus Kelly and my’s trip to Mardi Gras. You can
see them here. There is no slideshow script yet but it’s coming soon. And I mean real soon, not that nasty, fake soon.

Sleep has been fitful and fractured lately and I can’t figure out
why but have decided I might as well use the time as best I can. It’s
been a year since 6 days of rain
and I haven’t posted anything quite like it since. Hopefully I will
have something to show for these late nights and early mornings gazing
into the pixelated mystery.


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