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Thanks to everybody that braved the rain and came to the crew and my’s art opening. It was good to see everybody (especially Tate over @ shockingbird;
thanks for the plug, man) and we raised some money for Grace House. The show hangs until March 25th, so there is
plenty of time to come see it if you missed it. Remeber there is a
bigger/better Grace House benefit tonight @ Hal and Mal’s
put on by UnityMS.org. Knol and Duane came by the opening last night
and told me they had read the script and it looked to be an
entertaining and informative show.

I’ve been living under a rock for the last four days building
picture frames (my first time and I learned that it takes forever) and
haven’t kept up with news and going ons. Graham had to tell me
yesterday that Brookhaven resident Bernie Ebbers, former CEO of WorldCom, was convicted
on all charges relating to his role in the company’s accounting scandal. I
finally caught up on my news reading this morning and it was very odd
to see the picture of someone who I saw regularly at church for most of
my childhood splashed across all the nation’s newspapers. Tate was
working at WorldCom when that all went down and it was interesting to
hear his take on it. Such a mess, such a mess.

In other news, Living Better Electrically is slated to appear in the popular alternative musical Hedwig and the Angry Inch at the end of April.
Josh is Hedwig and the rest of the band is The Angry Inch. Through the
press release I learned that the musical is based on Plato’s Symposium,
a book that Lucky recommended to me two years ago that I really
enjoyed. It’s pretty much monologues by Plato and some of his friend’s
while they are sitting around drinking all night long talking on the
nature of love. It’s a great, short, thought provoking read.
Unfortunately the Hedwig shows are all slated to occur while I’m
supposed to be in Iceland for my birthday, so I hope somebody with some
good video skills is there to film.

Alright, I’ve rambled enough.
Thanks again to everyone that came to the show. If you missed it the
galleries will be on the website soon enough.


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