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Gullna Arið

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Hello from Reykjavik! The golden birthday has progressed quite nicely so far
and thanks to everyone that’s emailed a birthday greeting. I’ve been sung ‘Happy
Birthday’ in Icelandic by the dj at the cafe we were at last night and also
by a group of Finnish high school students that were hanging out with me and
the surfers last night in the kitchen of the hostel after we got in (more on
the surfers who chose to surf Iceland later).

I wanted to hit some museums today, but the weather has been the warmest of
any day of my stay, so I biked around, visited Hallgrim Church and its tower
that overlooks the city, wandered through the city’s graveyard, and sat in
my favorite cafe and read for a while. Today
is also the last day of school for the locals and apparently it is tradition
for the graduating seniors to dress in odd outfits. This thankfully explains
why I saw a lot of teenaged guys wearing nothing but panty hose and white oxfords
around town all day (I was a bit worried until the kids I talked to explained
the situation, now I’m just a slight bit less worried). The girls seemed to
have two different outfits to choose from: Pippy Longstocking or Eastern Indian
women (see below).

The tower of Hallgrim Church. Here’s a short video shot from the top.

The face of time. The clocks of Hallgrim Church’s tower from the inside.

I don’t think I’ve ever spent a birthday wandering a graveyard. I
found 2 people in the cemetery that died on this date. I didn’t find anyone
that was born on 4/29.

Some graduating seniors in town center.

Birthday self portrait on the second floor of Kaffibarrinn. Most coffee
shops double as bars at night and this one is a local favorite and is quite
hip without being pretentious.

I’ve got plenty of stories and photos to share when I get back. This place
is very interesting, beautiful and more than a touch odd. Note to the Wrecking
Crew: you’d love it in Reykjavik. Going out on weekends means that you hit
the town no earlier than midnight (right now it gets dark here @ around 11:30
pm, and even then it’s only like twilight) and stay out til well after dawn.
That’s the rule, not the exception. Which means I got to rest up, the surfers
will be back in a bit and will be raring to go.


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