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Mississippi Braves | On the Road

Uncategorized — d-ashes on April 20, 2005 at 6:27 pm

For the last 2 days Kelly and I have spent our evenings at Trustmark
Field, the new home of the Mississippi Braves over in Pearl,
Mississippi. On the night of the home opener we met up with Tate and Amy and had a good time sharing the game with them. Thankfully Tate got some great pictures (especially this panoramic one
from right field), as I had forgotten my camera in the car. I’ve never
been to the inaugural game at a ballpark and it was pretty special. One
the most immediately exciting things about the new field is that you
can walk all the way around it during the game, stopping wherever you
like to peer over the outfield wall and watch the game. Seems simple,
but it’s really cool and I think that Trustmark field is one of the few
double-A parks in the country where you can do that. The Brave’s
haven’t won either game we’ve attended, but we’re not going tonight so
maybe they’ll pull one out.

After coming into the bookstore for a couple of hours tomorrow I’m
off to New Orleans for the Wilco show at the State Palace Theatre and
then on Friday I’m off to Iceland by way of Baltimore. It still doesn’t
feel like I’m leaving town. The only thing I’ve done to get ready is
return the PlayStation game I’ve been obsessing over
to Blockbuster and to get traveler’s checks. Which means I’ve got
plenty to do tonight. Oh, I did pick up some books to read while I’m
gone. In no particular order they are:

  • Jesus’ Son by Denis Johnson
    I loved the movie, but is the book anywhere near as good?
  • Sagas of Warrior Poets
    Some of the Icelandic Sagas. By no means complete (I want to buy that collection over there) but I figure it’s a good primer.
  • Love Warps the Mind A Little by John Dufresne
    I wanted something cerebral yet light and Bobby recommended this one. If it’s anything at all like Johnny Too Bad I’m on the bandwagon for sure.
  • Everything is Illuminated by Jonathan Safran Foer
    I’m probably the only late twenty-something, literary fiction loving bookstore employee in the US that has not read this book.
  • Island by Alistair MacLeod
    If Mary Ward Brown likes him, I imagine that I will also. All of these
    stories, by one of the world’s purported best living short story
    writers, are all set in Nova Scotia, so I figured that Iceland would be
    a close enough geographic substitute.

Conspicuously absent on the list is any book by novelist Halldór Laxness,
Iceland’s native son and Nobel Prize winner in literature. I figure
I’ll ask the locals which book of his to pick up while I’m over there.
With a literacy rate of 99% and more bookstores per capita than any
other country, I’m sure I’ll get plenty of sound advice.

guess this is probably the last post before I leave, so all of you cats
here in Jackson take care. Go see Carmina Burana with Marlow-fueled
visual goodness on Friday and LBE in Hedwig and the Angry Inch next
week. I’m gonna miss them all. And all of you too.


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