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National Poetry Month

Uncategorized — d-ashes on April 4, 2005 at 3:52 pm

Tate over @ shockingbird was helping me with a relative positioning in CSS
issue and in honor of national poetry month I IM’ed him the following

it is nice to think

that a tag that is called div

unifies so much

Said haiku was precipated by this exchange:

[15:32] lowgreynite: i ended up using top and left
[15:33] lowgreynite: cause i think with relative you have to go from where it would
be without positioning
[15:33] lowgreynite: refresh it and it should look ok
[15:33] lowgreynite: and works fine with resizing
[15:34] kaotate: Site with cross-browser kung fu action!
[15:34] lowgreynite: heh
[15:34] lowgreynite: thanks for your help
[15:34] lowgreynite: sometimes i just need a sitter to walk me through it
[15:34] lowgreynite: some paths in the forest are too scary to take alone :)
[15:35] kaotate: You took the code less traveled by.
[15:35] lowgreynite: hahahaha
[15:35] lowgreynite: good one
[15:35] lowgreynite: it IS national poetry month
[15:35] kaotate: "And I, I took the code less traveled by
And that, that broke it in Opera."


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