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There’s been a lot going on in the last week: Tate Nation’s birthday
on Saturday night, running amok downtown with Devin afterward, a
3 am trip to the farm with Devin, Friday and Kelly after that, where Kelly
found foxfire as I led a drunken tour of the woods behind the
farmhouse. I’ve tried to sit down and construct a narrative that would
do it all justice but after two attempts it just seems flat and boring.
Will work it out someday, though…someday.

Some random notes:

I got advance copies of both Suzanne Hudson’s and Joe Formichella’s
forthcoming books on Monday. Started them both last night and am
already enjoying each of them immensely. More to come on each of those.

Before starting those books I read John Gardner’s Grendel and it left
me pleasantly amazed. What an incredible book. I finished it at 6 am on
Tuesday morning, having awakened and unable to return to sleep. After
reading the last 30 pages I fell into one of the deepest, most
satisfying sleeps I’ve ever had. It was almost narcotic. How comfortably odd.

This is a portion of a review that I read (linked above) after finishing the book that I thought echoed my own feelings:

How to explain the work Grendel? It’s not easy. In my opinion
it is certainly one of the best works in English. But it is elusive to
explain exactly why this is so. Grendel manages to capture something
wonderfully, elegantly elusive in the human soul – something which does
not even truly have a name. I could write whole paragraphs simply trying
to elucidate on this ephemeral yet pervasive quality in the book – and
never really hit on it exactly. Simpler blunter words come easily to mind.
World angst. Existential futility. Ennui. None of these really do it for
me though.

Monday and Tuesday I finally got to sit down and watch two full
Atlanta Brave’s games. They walloped the Nationals in the first one and
had the second wrapped up but the new closer, Kolb, gave up 3 runs in
the 9th and they lost. The team looks strong on offense and defense,
but I’m already worried about their late inning pitching. Move Smoltz
back to the closer role? He may prove much more valuable there than
starting. Above all, though, it’s good to have baseball back. I’ve
automatically got something to do when I get home from work almost
every day. Kick up the feet, turn on the game and keep one eye on it,
one eye on a book, one hand on a beer and the ears on the stereo. To
people who complain that baseball is boring to watch on TV: yeah,
you’re right, if you do nothing else. Find three other things to do, or
hell, take a two hour nap, if the game is good you’ll wake up with some
good baseball left watch.

In one week I leave for Iceland and am very excited. I’m going by
myself for my golden year (turning 29 on the 29th). It’s a very random
trip and on the surface I’m not really quite sure why I’ve decided to
take it. I’ve got a good feeling about it, though, so we’ll see what I
find there. Also on the birthday note, I’m having a birthday party the
Sunday after my return. It’ll be at lemCom and the Moils will be
playing. More details to come.

And one last thing on the tech-geek tip:
For over a year I’ve had a very annoying problem with the cursor on my
laptop going crazy and moving to the bottom left or top right of the
screen at random times. My laptop is three years old so I thought it
was just getting a bit batty. I finally sat down with my tutor (ie:
google), though, and figured out that if you use a second pointing
device with a scroll wheel (I use mouse at work) then the input
controller gets confused between the 3-byte input of the on board touch
pad versus the 4 byte input of the external point device with scroll
wheel and therefore acts freaky. I went and downloaded the latest
for my touch pad at Dell, which addresses the problem and voila,
everything seems to be fine.

And so ends the ramble. Get outside kids, tis a beautiful day.


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