"…and not for five minutes will I be distracted from the wonder…"


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Boy, 19 days since a post. Lots going on and a lot of fun is being had with the
summer days. In the spirit of Sally’s tid-bittery over on Catoptric, a brief

May 26th: Went to TwiRoPa with Jeffe to see Autechre, which was an aural assault
if there ever was one. Bobby and Sam were also there and I also got to see
Runyan and Alma, who had come over from Houston just for the show.

May 28th and 29th: Went to Mobile on the next Saturday night for a ceremony
honoring the Prichard Mohawks, the subject of my pal Joe Formichella’s book,
Here’s To You Jackie Robinson: The Legend of the Prichard Mohawks. It was a
lot of fun to meet the old ball players, many of whom were major league material,
save that they were past their prime when baseball was finally integrated.
They seem to have taken the incredible unfairness of that situation in stride,
though, and continue to value the friendship of their Mohawk teammates as a
more than worthy substitute. It was Memorial Day weekend and even though I
had to work on Monday I went back to Fairhope with Joe and Suzanne and spent
the Sunday with them, Ron Everett Capps and a bunch of Suzanne’s family sitting
by the Fish River drinking beer, eating tasty things off the grill and playing

June 8th: My last day of work at Lemuria. It’s a Wednesday but there’s no
reading so a nice cross-section of my Jackson posse show up for late afternoon
beers on the deck. Thanks to everybody that came over, it was a nice send off,
for sure.

June 13th – 15th: House hunting in Baton Rouge. Ugh. When is the last time
you had to do this? It is not fun, at all. Particularly when it’s 98 degrees
outside and you are driving round and round and round and… For two days I
find nothing, probably because my criteria is pretty strict. 3 bedrooms, will
allow dog Friday, is located somewhere between The Lakes and College Drive.
Finally, on Wednesday, I’m checking out some of my last leads and I find EXACTLY
what I’m looking for. It’s a nice little yellow house on Morning Glory one
block off Lakeshore Drive. You can practically see Tiger Stadium from the house.
Kelly and I can’t move in until August, but it’s cool enough place that it’s
worth the wait. It took me so long to find the house that I didn’t even worry
about what to do for the month before we can move in. I’m sitting here typing
this, work starts tomorrow and I still don’t know where we’ll be. That’s today’s
objective, I guess.

June 17th – 20th: In Chicago to visit with Kelly and drive back
south with her. Straight from the airport we go to Comiskey Park and
watch Mark Buerhle pitch a complete game shutout and Frank Thomas hit a
homer for the White Sox as they beat the Los Angeles Dodgers 6-0 in
their first meeting since they played the 1959 World Series. Kelly got
us great seats and we sit just to the foul side of the left field foul
pole and can see all the action quite well on a beautiful, cool evening
on the South Side. The White Sox have the best record in baseball, are
almost guaranteed first place in their division and you can really tell
that the fans are enjoying being able to pull for a contender. I also
get to eat Polish sausage dogs in a town that’s famous for them, which
is silly to celebrate, but celebrate it I did. The rest of our Illinois
stay is quite pleasant. The weather stays cool and on Saturday evening,
after visiting an empty Wrigley Field (the Cubs were in New York
getting whooped on by the Yankees), we went and saw My Morning Jacket
play at the Randolph Street Festival, a worthy substitute for missing
Jubilee!JAM in Jackson. We spend Sunday and Monday in Aurora hanging
out with Kelly’s family and clothes shopping. The ‘business casual’
portion of my wardrobe has descended into ruin during the bookstore
years so I had some serious revamping to do. Something I learned: bath
robes are seasonal attire, at least in Illinois. The lady at the Kohl’s
told us to check back in August, they don’t sell them in the summer. I
never knew.

Whew! So there you go. The month in a nutshell. I start work @ Kfx tomorrow,
which is exciting and a little bit sad. I still don’t think I’ve fully realized
that I’m no longer a Jackson resident.

I’ll leave you with the reading list from the last month:

History of Love by Nicole Krauss
She was at the bookstore yesterday and we pulled in from Illinois just in time
to catch her. A great book with a lot of good buzz. Check it out.

The Boys of Summer by Roger Kahn
I can’t remember if I read this book as a child or not, so I picked it up again
for the Chicago trip. Even if I did read it as a kid, it’s worth going back
and reading now at 29, as I appreciate it much more, I think.

A Great and Glorious Game : Baseball Writings of A. Bartlett Giamatti
Joe Formichella had some amazing quotes from this book in his book on the Prichard
Mohawks, and I found a copy in an Aurora bookstore and picked it up. I knew
very little about Bart Giamitti before now and I have to say I’m impressed.
He was an academic, revered professor, President of Yale, and he gave up
all that to become the president of major league baseball’s National League,
and for a short time before his untimely death, MLB’s commissioner. His writings
drill to the heart of what Americans do and should love about the game and
his writing on the subject is pure poetry.

JAM Slam

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My friend Cori from the Clarion Ledger, who works at

the bookstore on the weekends, called yesterday to talk

about the just announced line
up for JubileeJAM!

result was the quote at the end of this
. I kind

of feel bad that my last quote in a Jackson paper before my Baton Rouge move is of

a negative slant, particularly since it is about the

Brave New City’s arts and entertainment scene. But I

did say that, it’s no misquote.

While I understand the situation that the JAM is in, I

feel that they could have done a bit better to get a

couple of bands within their price range that run wider

circles than the bands they ended up with. As the quote says, my main

complaint is that I could have seen any one of those

bands here in Jackson within the last 2 months. I guess

when you’ve got a limited budget you need to stick with

what people know, though, so maybe that complaint is


One thing that Cori didn’t quote me on, that I did say,

was that were I going to be in town (I’m off to Chicago

to see Kelly on that Friday afternoon), I would probably

have gone on Friday to see Free Sol and one of the

later bands just to support the JAM. I am certainly for
supporting the JAM as an institution even if I’m not

thrilled with the music line up for this particular year. At the same time, I’m

left wondering if the festival, even in its stripped

down version, will manage to do any more than break

even with the fairly narrow line up they’ve presented

(predominantly gospel and roots rock with some blues

thrown in). No matter what tone that article sets, I’m pulling for

the JAM and will certainly be back for it in coming