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JAM Slam

Uncategorized — d-ashes on June 3, 2005 at 1:13 pm

My friend Cori from the Clarion Ledger, who works at

the bookstore on the weekends, called yesterday to talk

about the just announced line
up for JubileeJAM!

result was the quote at the end of this
. I kind

of feel bad that my last quote in a Jackson paper before my Baton Rouge move is of

a negative slant, particularly since it is about the

Brave New City’s arts and entertainment scene. But I

did say that, it’s no misquote.

While I understand the situation that the JAM is in, I

feel that they could have done a bit better to get a

couple of bands within their price range that run wider

circles than the bands they ended up with. As the quote says, my main

complaint is that I could have seen any one of those

bands here in Jackson within the last 2 months. I guess

when you’ve got a limited budget you need to stick with

what people know, though, so maybe that complaint is


One thing that Cori didn’t quote me on, that I did say,

was that were I going to be in town (I’m off to Chicago

to see Kelly on that Friday afternoon), I would probably

have gone on Friday to see Free Sol and one of the

later bands just to support the JAM. I am certainly for
supporting the JAM as an institution even if I’m not

thrilled with the music line up for this particular year. At the same time, I’m

left wondering if the festival, even in its stripped

down version, will manage to do any more than break

even with the fairly narrow line up they’ve presented

(predominantly gospel and roots rock with some blues

thrown in). No matter what tone that article sets, I’m pulling for

the JAM and will certainly be back for it in coming



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