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Katrina Cometh

Uncategorized — d-ashes on August 28, 2005 at 8:47 am

Well, it looks like time has almost run out for Katrina to change
direction, though it’s not very nice to wish that kind of devastation
on anyone else. It seems that all the doomsday talk of the ‘perfect
storm’ that could practically sink (pdf) New Orleans wasn’t so doomsday after
all. I’d been followinig the tracking charts pretty closely (the design
firm I work for created this one
so I spend a fair amount of time with it) but it wasn’t until yesterday
evening that I saw a satellite image of Katrina. Damn, the girl’s big,
for sure.

While Baton Rouge stands to get a lot of rain and maybe some wind,
the fact that we’re on the weaker, western edge of the hurricane means
we’ll probably be
okay aside from power outages (unless a tree takes up residence in the
house, that is). But say a little prayer for New Orleans, friends, and
the people that can’t get out. I think they may need it.

In the meantime, it has been an absolutely beautiful day here. The
‘calm before the storm’ has brought a nice breeze and temperatures in
the low 80’s. I guess if we have to consider the possibility of as much
as a week without power then having some early fall weather beforehand is
some concession, though not a great one.


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