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The Wonder — d-ashes on August 21, 2005 at 8:10 pm

Alright, the posting drought officially ends today. Kelly and I have moved into our little yellow house in Baton Rouge and while there are still some boxes to finish unpacking we are quite comfortable and settled. More pictures to come soon.

Last night Kelly and I had Blythe and Joe over for dinner, our first guests at the house since we’ve moved in. Joe is the younger brother of one of Kelly’s good friends from Chicago and had just arrived in Baton Rouge the week before to start at LSU in music compisition. While it was still ungodly hot at 9 o’clock at night we had a good time and it was nice to see some friends and make some new ones after spending a largely solitairy 2 months here in the Red Stick so far.

Mad props to Nook Logan for being the headlining image on the frong of ESPN.com for a couple of hours for this article. Nook is from Natchez, Mississippi and now plays for the Detroit Tigers. He played his college ball at Co-Lin in Wesson, just north of Brookhaven before being drafted. While at Co-Lin he came into the ER with a very painful appendicitis that my Dad was able to dispatch for him and that was the occasion for them to strike up a friendship. Along with Keith Case, Nook’s coach up at Co-Lin, Dad took a quick trip up to Detroit to see Nook play against the Kansas City Royals. In what will forever be a source of profound jealously for me, Dad and Keith got to go to the locker room before the game and hang out with Nook a bit, as well as meet some of the other players and the manager. Dad was even able to bring me back a ball to be used in the game (straight from the box, apparently) signed by Nook, which was pretty cool, as I’ve never had a baseball that was to be or had already been used in a Major League game to call my own.


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