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A Winning Weekend

Uncategorized — d-ashes on September 12, 2005 at 6:21 pm

Well, the weekend was quite a gift for us Louisiana football fans. Lord knows how LSU walked out of Sun Devil stadium with a win, and who would have thought, despite a 3rd and 4th quarter lull, that the Saints would look so good
in their opener against the highly touted Panthers? The Saints surely
earned their win, but the Tigers were moreso given theirs, while leaving
some huge questions about the capabilities of their pass defense. Jimmy
Ott has an interesting article on a scary ‘history repeating’ scenario in regards to defense over at TigerSportsBlog.com. Let’s hope that he’s wrong.

On another football note, it was decided today that Baton Rouge will play host to 4 Saints games,
including the Miami game, which will see Nick Saban back within the
confines of Tiger Stadium. Blythe and Steve, along with Joe and Clark,
were over for brunch yesterday and we were trying to imagine how the
crowd will greet Nick. Since he didn’t leave for another college, the
boos might not be so pointed, but we agreed there will probably be some
‘ceremonial’ booing. I mainly hope that some of that patented Saints
voodoo, thankfully absent yesterday, doesn’t take up residence in Tiger
Stadium and afflict the Tigers while they are sharing the same field.
At the same time, maybe the Tigers will pick up some NFL-quality
defensive pointers somewhere along the way. Either way, it’s live NFL
football 2 miles from my house. I’ll take it.

Things continue to normalize around here, though the traffic coming
home from work is pretty nuts, and looks to be so for a while. I think
I’ve finally found a route that gets me home in just over 30 minutes,
down from over an hour. It used to just take 15.

I spent all of last week putting together the TigerSportsBlog.com
site referenced above for work. It’s the first site that I’ve been able
to do from start to finish (not the visual work, that was done for me,
I’m nowhere near that good) since being with K-fx2 and it was a fun one
to work on, since I’m a Tiger sports junky. It is about as close to
fully standards compliant as I’ve ever gotten a site. The only real
hang up I have with it is that all the blog functionality is run by
Movable Type. This was my first time working with it and I have to say
that I’m not a very big fan at all and am a bit miffed at how it ended
up being such a popular piece of software. But what the client wants,
the client gets, I guess.


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Well, things have settled down a bit for us here in Baton Rouge. We
can get into the grocery store and buy gas without contending with a
mob. I say that thankfully and with more than a little bit of guilt, as
I interact daily with people who are still very much affected by
Hurricane Katrina, some of whom are just beginning to realize those
effects. A lot of people’s lives have been irrevocably changed forever.

Kelly and I had Blythe and Joe over for burgers and brownie sundays
on Friday night, our first real return to normalcy. I spent most of
Saturday watching football, especially enjoying the upsets of Oklahoma
and Auburn, though I would have traded both of them for UAB to pull off
the upset on Tennessee. On Sunday Joe, Kelly and I joined Blythe in
volunteering for the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank, canvassing for
donations of food or cash in front of the Bon Marchet Technology Mall
on Florida Avenue. The entire four hours we were out there convoys of
helicopters practically swarmed overhead, from Black Hawks and the
dual-rotor Chinooks to an old, whale-shaped Sikorsky, still ferrying
people up from New Orleans. The flying machine geek in me couldn’t help
but enjoy seeing them so close up and the amount of air traffic was
truly amazing.

GoogleMaps has made available a satellite fly-by of New Orleans at 10 am on August 31st. What’s the word to describe clicking from the post-Katrina view to the pre-Katrina one? I’ve sat here for 10 minutes trying to think of it, but have come up with nothing. You tell me.


Uncategorized — d-ashes on September 1, 2005 at 6:17 pm

I quit watching the news yesterday and as of an hour ago I quit
reading the news online. It was because of a story that not only
mentioned old people sitting dead in their wheelchairs on the streets
of New Orleans, but also a young boy, who having stayed in New Orleans
through the storm and the flooding, was finally getting on a bus to
take him out of the town. And he couldn’t take his dog with him. He had
to leave it there on the streets of NO to fend for itself. The one
thing that he had left in the world, not even a toy or a blanket, but
his dog, that he had been able to keep through all of the previous
shit, and he couldn’t take with him. He screamed and cried until he
voimited. It made me physically ill to read that. After 15 minutes or
so I got Friday and we went and picked up sticks in the front yard
together. So after reading that, I’m done. I don’t need to know anything new about this for a long time. I know enough.