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Well, things have settled down a bit for us here in Baton Rouge. We
can get into the grocery store and buy gas without contending with a
mob. I say that thankfully and with more than a little bit of guilt, as
I interact daily with people who are still very much affected by
Hurricane Katrina, some of whom are just beginning to realize those
effects. A lot of people’s lives have been irrevocably changed forever.

Kelly and I had Blythe and Joe over for burgers and brownie sundays
on Friday night, our first real return to normalcy. I spent most of
Saturday watching football, especially enjoying the upsets of Oklahoma
and Auburn, though I would have traded both of them for UAB to pull off
the upset on Tennessee. On Sunday Joe, Kelly and I joined Blythe in
volunteering for the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank, canvassing for
donations of food or cash in front of the Bon Marchet Technology Mall
on Florida Avenue. The entire four hours we were out there convoys of
helicopters practically swarmed overhead, from Black Hawks and the
dual-rotor Chinooks to an old, whale-shaped Sikorsky, still ferrying
people up from New Orleans. The flying machine geek in me couldn’t help
but enjoy seeing them so close up and the amount of air traffic was
truly amazing.

GoogleMaps has made available a satellite fly-by of New Orleans at 10 am on August 31st. What’s the word to describe clicking from the post-Katrina view to the pre-Katrina one? I’ve sat here for 10 minutes trying to think of it, but have come up with nothing. You tell me.


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