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Back Again

Uncategorized — d-ashes on October 12, 2005 at 6:53 pm

Sorry so long without stopping in to say hi. The reasons are two-fold:

  1. That bitch Rita. A hurricane every month or so will throw
    you off your game (see the Saints), especially if your power keeps
    going out.
  2. My life has been relatively boring the last few weeks. I’m
    working too hard, and I pretty much come home, crack a beer, watch DVR,
    continue to learn Madden ’06 (it’s a much harder, different game now
    and I like it much more than any Madden I’ve played in a long time) and watch Lost with Kelly.

But, things have been a bit more above the norm the last few days.
Steve, Chuck and I rode up to Jackson for Canada and Tina’s wedding
this last weekend. The wedding was a lot of fun and I got to see some
of the J-town set including Bobby and my brother. Jackson seemed to be
taking care of itself just fine, and it was nice to have a quick visit

On Monday night we received some unexpected company. Kelly
returned home from teaching in Hammond to find a black lab dodging
traffic in front of our house. She corraled him inside and he’s been
staying with us two days now. He’s quite pretty, healthy, and well
trained, so I know that someone has got to be missing him and looking
for him. We’ve put ads in the paper and asked some of the neighbors if
they recognize him, but no one has come to claim him yet.

In the
mean time we’re enjoying having him around. He’s less than a year old
and quite a ball of energy. He and Fri get along pretty well too, which
is surprising as Fri can be pretty rough on boy dogs.

comes to Death Valley this weekend. It’ll be nice to have a ‘normal’
gameday at LSU, and I hope that the Tigers can hang with the Gators.
With the game actually taking place on a Saturday there will be time
for some legitimate tail-gating. Bricota, you better cook some ribs…


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