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The Glam Menagerie

Uncategorized — d-ashes on November 17, 2005 at 12:13 pm

Well, I leave J-town and the Wrecking Crew starts a book club AND rolls out The Glam Menagerie.
Seems they were just waiting for me to leave to get the real fun up and
going, but I’ll let it slide since it’ll be a nice one stop shopping
spree of all that’s going on with my favorite people in Jack-town.

Speaking of the Wrecking Crew, Jaysus and Jaxxie are supposed to come down on Friday night for Okkervil River
at the Spanish Moon. It will be really nice to receive ambassadors from
the Bold New
City, which I’ve missed more than a little bit. I really
want to make it up there for some holiday shenanigans (Guinness at
Fenian’s to start a long evening out where I see half the people I’ve
ever known since they are home for the holidaze being a time-honored
but it looks like I might not make it up there until Bobby P and
Melissa’s wedding on New Year’s Eve.

All rolls along with a steady hum here. Steve and I went to
Alexandria last weekend to watch the Alabama/LSU game with Chuck, Grace
and the rest of the Alexandria crew. It was the kind of weekend I’d
imagined spending upon my move to Louisiana, but hurricanes and the
aftermath had put asunder, so it was good to actually get one in.

Work is going well. I’ve got another partner in PHP/Web Dev crime at
K-fx2 named Wes. The guy knows his stuff and makes work a lot easier,
plus he’s fun to hang out with in our little coder haven. Just this
week I saw the approved comps for my next big project, 225batonrouge.com, which will be the companion web site to a new arts/entertainment print weekly put out by the Business Report
that will be debuting in Baton Rouge in the coming weeks. It should be
a true test of my css skills to make it look right as the layout is
quite intricate and pretty much demands complete pixel-perfect
design. The site is also built on the Django framework (which I hope is in honor of this guy),
and while I will mainly be using the templating api, it
will be a nice change of pace to with work a technology that’s new to me.

Buster and Friday, as well as Kelly, are doing. We’re
all looking forward to Thanksgiving with my parents in Brookhaven next
week. Steve has stated that oysters will be back in New Orleans by
Thanksgiving, so after the Arkansas game at Tiger Stadium on Friday
we’re going to head down to NO for a holiday weekend and see if we can
find any oysters worth eating.

I hope all is well with everybody as we head into the holiday
season, and if the cold weather holds that I’ll get to share a snort of
whiskey with many of you.


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